Long Was The Day

A faint rumble
Tugged at the heart
Of our young bodies
Looking to challenge death
Riding its crest
For a moment’s climax

It’s a calling
That kicks off the shoes
Sending the reveler
Dancing to the cooler landing

By day’s end though
There is parity
With the heated earth

Stripped of binding clothes
We jumped into the cold
The cool
The ok
The perfect

We screamed and laughed
Imagining this
As real life
A forever dream
That would refuse to be
Awoken from

As we rested, we baked
Half dead
Half alive
The distant sounds of pain by one
Stung by the ray
Were overcome

By the tempo
Of time marching forward
With each wave

We understood
The sea was reclaiming
Pieces of our joy
Calling us again
To test ourselves,
Taunting the forces
Of our mother earth


  1. Old beachy memories of waves and sun rays…Careless daring young spirits…The world ceases to exist…and the sea…is swooshing in our ears while we sleep at night

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