Leave Reality Behind

Deja vu
Says you
Me too

Cover photo from July 2021 – one of my favorites of my swallows project.

August manipulation from an outing to a San Diego channel near dog beach
Texture-added manipulation – September 2021

One of the joys of photography is the power it affords the one carrying the camera (within the context of artistic endeavor). With a few tweaks, everything becomes liquid. Get close, and squish the background. Is something dark? Use it! Is something bright? Line it up!

The third quarter of 2021 saw reduced outings. Only a couple in the month of August. Too many life things on the plate to make the adventures. After July, the swallows were gone so much of my work included technique practice. Just trying to stay sharp.
I see from my folders that the fourth quarter has more outings than the third. These will include many more multiple exposure pieces as is typical for me.
Happy holidays! Keep shooting!


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