Why Am I Even Here?!

Holy guacamole! So I have committed to two years of WP.

And I don’t know squat about CSS..or code or whatever. That doesn’t mean I will not attempt to make a go of it…it will just take time.

I am looking to make this my blog as an asset to my print site.

Photography is a source of artistic expression I have been practicing for some fourteen years. Over time, I have found that most serious photographers adhere to a set of rules/guidelines for making their work. That is true for me as well, but I refuse to allow any rule dictate how a finished piece will end up.

Photo-manipulations, are in my wheelhouse as well as simple static photos. This decision places me on the “outside” of many acceptable genres and groups. That’s ok for this introvert.

I consider the piece above to be a manipulation. I ran it through texture software, shifted colors, added light layers. The base photograph is just as you see it, without the adds. It’s an in-camera (3) exposure composition that includes (2) long exposures. Making images this way is not easy and has required many many hours of practice to hone down. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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