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After posting work around the web over the last eleven years, I have decided to make a WordPress home for my musings.

Poetry has been a part of me since I was ten. There were many  years that I lived without creating it, but it has always been a part of my artistic output. Music has also been an integral part of my inner growth (since the age of eleven). I make/record music/lyrics, collaborate with other writers at  my humble home studio.

A song is after all, a poem with accompanying music. So in that sense, poetry has stayed with me.

I am not formally trained in either discipline and have learned kinesthetically. This is not a disadvantage (in my mind). Most of what I produce is rough and from the gut.

Like many others, I have picked up photography as a serious endeavor. My training lasted over several years of workshop instructions with a brilliant mentor. He kept my feet on the ground, while my field experimentation put my head in the clouds.

My photography work is now a bastard child in the world of static, philosophy-driven “acceptableness”. I refuse to let anyone dictate how an artistic photograph should be made, or, how it should look.

There are other outlets I practice to release the muses that haunt me daily. Examples of those will likely end up here as well.

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