Pleasantly Fall

New carpet covers the path
As we pass one another
Our masks force us
To look into each others eyes
To see a smile

Smile we do
Speaking with our friends
Without words
The trees that cover us
Laugh at our limited vision
Sleeping in warm beds

What I saw:

SoCal trees are a little slow on the uptake. The nights get cool, but the days are still warm, so our poor trees become confused.
Eventually, like children, they concede it’s time to “sleep.”

The Weeping Tree

Winds buffet my face
As I run to your shelter
Youth has returned into my blood
Into the heart

I ask for quiet

But the screams
Of unanswered dreams
Fall from the sky
Like the leaves of autumn

Lasting reminders
Brilliant and lovely
In their death

Sharing a moment
With the bark of an old tree
Lines etched on my forehead
We weep together
Sending drops into the river
Hoping for an answer

On The Dam

Many were the words
That built the dam
Holding us all captive

Too busy raging
To hear anything
Of real substance

We settled.
Let go of the rope
And let our consciences drown

Compromise should never include our honesty, integrity, ability to love, or the hope for redemption of even the worst of us.

The Jetty

Rumble in

From across the world

Wild saline
A mother’s touch


Iridescent transformation
From life to life

A little time spent by the ocean fixes many broken connections
I live an extraordinarily boring life, and I’m good with that.

27 minutes of ocean speak:


Scripps Pier

Neither made of steel
Nor of braided rope
Do I find these bonds

It is the capturing
Of the mind
That can be most corrupt

Control is as simple
As closing my eyes
Under the pier

Waves cover me
Sand breaking the shell
Salt healing my wounds

I have been “under water” for the last eight weeks. Sometimes work requires every ounce of my being. I may play hooky on Friday and breathe a little.