There are places we go
In our minds
And it just has to be good enough
For the moment

Crystal Lake, Mammoth, CA
A short quick ascending hike to make this pano.
Big stressful day at work today. Not too unusual, but I’m glad to have this nice memory.

Morph Trails and Thunder

We gather as troops
Walking the dirty sidewalks
Of racoon and deer
To remind ourselves
Of a primal beginning
Then go home
And shower

What a week! The monsoons almost made it over the mountain behind our house. The thunder cracked non-stop for a couple of hours. Alas, the 97 degree f heat stopped the drops from hitting for the most part.
Time lapse

With the sun behind us, the sky turned orange

Stitched pano after the storm at sunset

The cover photo is of a nearby trail named “Shady Trail” for its abundant oaks lining its edges.
Here’s another view:

Shady Trail – Oaks and poison ivy

This week was my first attempts at using an anamorphic lens. (Sirui 50mm) – It is something of a challenge. I got it for video, but figured I’d try it out for photography as well. Here is a desqueezed image:

From last night’s full moonrise

Desqueezed timelapse

Haze Craze

A view from the boat
Looking back at the city
Seductive veil

Maybe not so seductive. Vapor and dust particles confuse the final output.
Cover photo: Hotel Del from just outside the break/jetty.

San Diego Skyline – A Cool December Day