Small Obsession

If not for the sake of the journey
There is little to be found in the exercise
Of expanding the mind artistically

What would be most difficult
Becomes a perceived mountain to climb

And when it becomes apparent 
That perfection is a lie
We search for the next mountain to climb

What will we find next?

Are muses real?  They haunt, taunt and flaunt. Revealing my weaknesses like a storefront mannequin.
I don’t believe anything I just wrote. Do I? 


Relative quiet is the harbor
Away from heightened awareness
Every muscle
Is on alert
Ready to shift
To a world of constant change

No one speaks
Amid the waft of
Cigarettes and overcooked coffee
Diesel and motor-drone give way
Stow the gear
Complete the logs

Anticipation whelms every thought
Dispatch the catch
A good haul, at the right price
Tonight’s dinner eaten at a table
That does not move
The mind continues to pitch and roll

Lensbaby Zone Plate Optic

Available print (different Kelvin) :

No Reserves

Spent a morning near “dog beach” – Ocean Beach, CA.

I had visited earlier in the year to familiarize myself with a new lens.
This location empties into the ocean. Channels of rock and concrete have been constructed to direct water flow.
The channels are essentially at the end of the San Diego River.
The real estate there is under constant human pressure, but the sand bars are rich with bird life.

Bridge work under current construction, just west of my location

I noticed a sign on the south bank that indicated that parts of the channel are considered a reserve and no boat traffic is allowed. It’s interesting that a Google search does not include this area as “wildlife reserve.”
The morning was terrible for light as-per-usual. Morning cloud cover made for haze and high ISO for my little apsc camera. When this happens, you just make the adjustments and move forward. Here is what I found:

Yellow crowned night heron with crab. (soft focus/low light)
Breaching Mullet
Little Blue Heron
Apparently, this hawk had been banded. (soft focus)
Tern catches small mullet
The other terns wanted some of that catch
Godwit, curlew

What’s more interesting is that the “reserve” has no sandbars breaching the surface. When I inspected the area, there was little wildlife activity.
I’m hoping my next trek will have some better lighting.

See you!

What Do You See

So small is your world
Quickly passes your lovely face
Can I catch you amid the tumult?

It has been some time that I have uploaded a new project to my Blue Marble Photography site.
This new representational project with swallows has intrigued and piqued my sense of “rising to the challenge” to make some representational images of these birds in flight.
The process pushes my camera to its limits and I’ve come to learn its limitations.
In the process, I’ve also learned to integrate with the erratic “rhythms” of these little birds. Their constant change of direction is typically a symptom of locating food, gaining a little altitude, then using that height to gain momentum onto the prey.
All the while, they incorporate small and large circles to cover the most area in he shortest amount of time.
This piece is one of my favorites. The bird is sighting in a potential meal. Look at that beautiful little face…adorable.