Sittin’ On A Fence

Sittin’ on a fence
‘Cause I couldn’t decide
Should I travel through the portal
To the other side?

There ain’t much here
‘Cept this fence and me
A coupl-a bushes
A coupl-a trees

And they’re boring!
So boring.
Never talk, nope, they never talk.
They never laugh or sing either!
Just get pushed ’round by the breeze.
That’s all….just sorta hmmmmm
And hmmmmm…or swoosh swoosh swoosh
Like that.

I don’t know why I stay here!
I should just fly through that portal
And find a rEAl AdveTuRe!

That’s what I should do.

Quiet One

“You need to watch out for the quiet ones.”
That’s what they say.
For fear of some dreaded, hidden rage

You never know when that can manifest itself.

People who live inside the self,
Trust few and mull over concealed truths.
Are not a fearful lot.
Careful. But not to be feared.

Their life journey has taken them to the edge,
Sometimes over the edge.
Feeling the weight of pain guards their steps.
Insights are their companion…like the lifelong pain of a broken bone.
Reminders of foolish mistakes.

One quiet fool who lashes out, does not make the whole.

Into the Background

This weekend was very busy! I helped my daughter (3rd Saturday in a row). We are building a quail hutch for her homestead farming aspirations. The summer is ending and that typically means it gets very hot here. 
I am not as strong as I used to be, so I am good for 4-5 hours before the heat saps my ambition.
One or two more weekends, and she will move her quail to their new home.
This previous post alludes to a new project I have dedicated myself to:

And as a result, I have created the new channel Ambient Calm:

It is dedicated to simple video with ambient music/sounds for relaxing. 
These efforts are directed for those times when a little music or video is desired, but only in the ambient sense. 

This first piece contains background music composed simply for peripheral use during times when distractions are not wanted….i.e. studying, relaxing, meditation, or even just falling asleep.
The music presentation utilizes sampled orchestra instruments and phrases (multiple instrumentation recorded melodies).
Future work will include natural white noise, nature’s sounds… all with the intent to help the listener/watcher focus with an open mind.

The first effort:

So Many Stars

We try beyond our limits
To drown out the stars
Our little lights beaming back messages
Look at our significance!

Stars scurry into hiding
Without fear of self-worth
Without care or interest
But full of curiosity

They ask moon,
Who is this?
Are not our lights
Sufficient for them?

Moon laughs.
“You know, we used to be.
Now, some have never seen our true glory.
And when they do, they are forever changed.
They do not deserve our scorn,
Or pity.
They will be ok.
Give them time,
They are new at this.”

I grew up in the suburbs of LA and have always lived with the veil of human generated light blocking out our wonderful universe and its personal messages. There is much to learn in the places that reveal our true existence. Just by being quiet, watching a shooting star or distant satellite, we learn a little about our reality. The perspective of the totality of our being within this beautiful cosmos should motivate us to a tearful joy.
Celebrate your place in this universe.

Into the Shadows

Fallen from the precipice
Into the gorge of uncertainty
The liquidity of transient existence

Movement beneath my feet
Created by winds of transformation
My personal tornado 
Seeking to disrupt

But I am unshaken
Strong still
I tell myself

When consciousness bathes me
Its relentless liquidity
Filling every pore.

Never was I at the precipice
There is no precipice
And these shadows
These new friends
Flow like a gentle spring
Offering shade and rest
Moving toward me

A place I have been
Since birth


“You must join in
You must join us
Not them”

My body floated over the fray

“Come down here
And hate with us.
We will be victorious!

If you do not pick a side
Both sides will devour you.
We are righteous,
And hatred is our friend!”

“So then this must be my demise.
To hover and refuse the chains.
Better to die, than to die while living
For foolish delusions.”

Mounted, divided photograph on plywood. Gesso and oils.