Dis: negative, or reversing force
Solve: find an answer to

What is happening
To that old guy
His atoms

A newfound viscosity
Flowing to the floor
“What a world
What a world”

Things can feel this way sometimes
multiple exposure photograph


Driven by hunger
Her pups hidden away
Out of sight

I followed her at a distance
Thinking I was being respectful

But she didn’t care
Joggers and walkers
Came within her comfort zone
But she didn’t care

Driven by hunger
She hunted
With relentless determination

An ear would perk
Turning her body
A slow approach
Zeroing in


River-Dream Sequence1

Hey! I have uploaded a new ambient music/white noise video.
“River” is the title for the entire production.
Dream Sequence1 is the title of the music. The music is a simple composition with several movements that incorporate guitar driven pads.
The sound of the river is included and contributes to the overall “background” goal for this video production.

Trail’s End

Black phoebe alights
Right in front of me
Her usual speed
Slowed down to infinity

Her wings
Completely Spread
A glint of seriousness
In her eyes

She is speaking
Something important
I cannot hear

As I rise the final steps
And turn to the east
I see of what she speaks
The path ending
Into a place called destiny

Where trees and clouds
Speak knowledge
From eons past
And harmony
Has never lost her power