Slight Delay

A knock at the door
It’s a cool night come calling
Rustling of leaves
Signals remembrance
Now at day’s early slumber
Perhaps I can again visit those murmurations
Most enchanting.

The newly planted winter garden promises growth that has become impossible in the summer heat. Lettuces and such love this cooler weather.
Once again I will traverse to the lake where my little blackbirds swing and sway to the light of the moon.
It has been a long two weeks in our home. The virus which shall not be named visited us. It has left, but its mark remains on some of us (no taste, tired) . I was fortunate with minimal symptoms. Tomorrow I’m back to work.
Multiple exposures from 2018

The Real Measure

“In My Little Town, I never meant nothin’, I was just my father’s son” (Paul Simon)

….and when I grew up
I realized that the thoughts of men
Cannot make us who we are
Nor can they remove the good we do with sincere hearts
It is only the small among us
Who find fault with good things

Thoughts do not carry the load
Words, no matter how harmful
Float away on the lightest of breezes

And when the fires come
The measure of a soul
Will be found in the kindness
Afforded to others

The rest
Is useless weight