Into the Sun

The path to your house
Well worn
Tamped down
By rabbit and wolf
Compels the feet
Step lightly

The journey
Stretched long
Like the tanning
Of the rattler
Bites relentlessly
That beautiful poison
Of anticipation

It’s that moment
When eyes meet
The relief
When held tight
To die wonderfully
Of days past

It’s All Energy

This started as an opinion piece.

I changed my mind.

Suffice it to say that I love making photographs.
After years of looking to see every scene as a potential to a larger end (composition-wise), I have to say that there is no end to this for me. If the moon is in the wrong place for a composition, I will move it. If I need a spot of color found in the sunset in front of a tree or mountain, I will move it.

The camera makes light a willing participant who is just as happy to come along for the ride, as I am to bring it. Sometimes light will cooperate. Other times I must argue with it to get my way. Sometimes, many times, light tells me to re-think things for a better outcome.

No failures, just learning, always learning.