A Tear In The Fabric

We found a tear
In the fabric of the living.
Through it
We could feel the breeze of light.

Its warmth seemed genuine enough.

But as much as I flew
The light withdrew.
With each stroke
A little further away.

The masses hurtled by
Frantically saving
What was left
Of tattered wing and tail

Tornadoes grew
Borne of those blindfold efforts.
Ripping apart the weak
Snuffing out the light

single frame- multiple exposure photograph

I know this seems a little dark. I suppose global events are having some affect on me. However, I am not afraid. This time next year, this will be a memory. Perhaps a new paradigm for coming generations….perhaps not.
Be safe. Watch the sunrise, sunset, be grateful.
Peace to you

It Was There

Moonlight laid bare the trail.
While limb and root
Reaching from ancient graves,
Sought to delay the inevitable end to this journey.

Climbing, falling, ignoring the pain
Rock and crevice revealed what lives under skin.
The sound of the river
Quelled the cries begging to be attended.

Cresting the butte
I could feel the sun’s rising.
The trill of the smallest of birds
Sang a joyful song of my return.

It was there in that moment
As the crows bellowed in the new day
And the portrait of our distant hills
Greeted me with favorable countenance
I knew I was home.


At thirteen
I stood in a line
That wrapped around the block
Anticipation was high
For the show

We ambled into the library
Its walls
Hushed the crowd.
Culture had not yet
Lost its respect
Of quiet spaces

Some fifty feet ahead
A light shone overhead
To light the delight
We all came to see
Necks bent
To catch a glimpse
Before it was our turn
To stand before the great exhibition

After much anticipation
The joy welling up
Like steam from a geyser

There it was
A moon rock
Encased in glass
Gray and dusty
Like the contents
Of a vacuum bag

Turning to my brother
We both looked knowingly
Into each other’s eyes
And without words said,
“That’s it?”

We spent
The mandatory
10-15 seconds
In front of the dirt
Paid our homage
Drove home
And played
Street football

The accomplishment of the moon landing was not lost on us. We knew it to be our greatest achievement as humans. As an adolescent, I guess I was hoping to see a more pragmatic reward for risking and taking human life for such an endeavor. Gold would have done it…..something like that.

Single frame – multiple exposure photograph by me ©2020