Just Outside The City

It isn’t like you to leave with coffee on. 
So, I let myself in and turned off the pot…and poured myself a cup….with a little butter and cream, thank you. So good.
But, where were you? Why in such a hurry?
Looking around the room, I spied a half ripped page from your note pad by your land line.
Funny, we were just talking about how old we are and how we won’t give up our land lines even though we have cell phones too. Are they still called cell phones? No matter I suppose.
I could just make out the impression of what you wrote on the half-page you ripped out. “state and b st” ….in your perfect lettering…so unlike my scribbles.
“In the city,” I mused. “But why? Is there some sort of emergency? It must be. You hate the city! Brings back too many memories.”
So, it’s off to State and B Street. 

Just Outside The Woods

It was a morning of unusual happenstance
I was tempted to knock on your door anyway
Wolves had chased me out of the woods
Your present lay on the trail behind

Should I return to retrieve it
Risking being torn to pieces?
Well, if I am eaten alive
Then I am good for nothing!
Hmm, glad I settled that.

So, picking wild mustard and radish flowers
I made you a fine bouquet.
And brought it to your door.
Knocking was futile….and dust covered your windows.
Peering in, I could see steam billowing from your pot.
Alas, you were not home.

a simple photograph….lensbaby

Chasing the Sun

Should I stand on the tops of mountains
It is not without the dust of the journey
That has made this arduous odyssey so sweet

Birds flock to the sun calling my name
And I run without losing my breath once more
As it was in my youth, to chase the light of day

From trail to trail, they all know me by name
And cheer me on to the top of one peak to another
Even the trees bend to cover me with welcomed shade

Nestled in their care my lungs fill with fire
Screaming with all my might I make it to another apex
Laughing with the sun for beating me yet again

multiple exposure photograph

Longing Too Long

It is said
That to gaze into the waters
For too long
Will hypnotize
The dreamer.

One may wander
Into the deep,
Too deep
Where paths vanish.
Up is down, down is up.

Consumed by memory,
Light fills the eyes
Like the blackness
Of sleep’s
Eternal suspension.

multiple exposure photograph
free verse inspired by Frodo’s descent into the swamp

When Darkness Comes

Oh that sense of power
To “turn down the sun”
With a thumb
Click click click
Just like that!

We photographers love that!
Crush those shadows
Let that back-lighting POP!
It’s just too much.
Too much fun
Too much control!

And in the process
We learn to appreciate shadows
Their dark mystery
Telling secrets ignored.

That dried flower
Is not actually glowing
We all glow
We just don’t know it

a simple photograph with “the sun turned down a little”