Suspicious Goings-On

Ever feel like you’re the person standing still in a hyper fast video?
Everyone and everything around you has accelerated to unsustainable speeds. Nobody stops to just breathe and “be” in the moment. It’s all a blur.
Projection, that’s me.
It’s tax season.
We are looking to sell our home and move to a more rural community.
“Retirement” is just ahead and our whole world will change.
Or will it?
All of these whirlwinds are blowing from all directions. I am resolved to know that our lives will be upended for the next year (at least). It was so much easier to sustain the surprises and setbacks when I was in my thirties. Although, now that I think about it, maybe not.
Not too many things surprise me any more. As always, things will happen, and get done, in due time.
All things in due time.

Keep a sharp lookout for the good things to come.
Oh yeah, and happy new year. (Just a little behind)

Be on the lookout!

Found some enchanting light on the San Diego River, Mission Trails. Black Phoebe feeding among the gnats and midges.