Star Search

Do stars come from chimneys?
Smoke bellowing blue.
Painting the night sky
Brilliant and true.

Ah, the milky way. Hidden in city light and revealed only in the dark night. Most tragically, not a candy bar.

New Neighbors

New Neighbor

Ya can’t take an oriole
And put it in a pigeon-hole

Bathing in a finger bowl
Eating taco casserole

What’s left of their sausage roll
Will end up in a cubby hole

Eaten on a kaiser-roll
A total lack of self-control

Hooded oriole –

Almost Full

Beyond half full
Positive vibes
Bringing on the night

We live on a hill, so gravity reminds us constantly who is in charge.
Two nights ago, while planning the garden, a covey of quail waltzed through our conversation. Half a dozen females scurried to the fence and hopped onto the entangled foliage. Several males/females followed suit. Finally, the dominate male and his mate brought up the rear and joined them.
We were within ten feet of them and they took no notice of us. I held my breath the entire time…or maybe just kept still and quiet. The experience was prodding enough to take out the Z6 and make some work last night. Perhaps they will return and I can make some portraits.

From the top tier of the property, due east Ramona mountains.