Black Birds and Fences

There are scales on my eyes
And I must traverse the journey
Over and over
Before I can see

My walks have taken me by this spot many times.
The tree, birds, the fences and light kept telling an untold story.
Struggling with its meaning
A puzzle
With pieces missing

All is not as it appears
To the eye
The eye must close
To see

If we can find the emotive response within us to color, lines and shapes.
Make them ours. Interpret them from the emotive eye.
The journey takes on new meaning.

(multiple exposure photograph)


Omen Schmomen

Crow flew by my window
Don’t mean a thing
Don’t mean a thing

Someone says,
“hey, you need to be afraid,
somethin’ like that happens”

Be afraid,
Be afraid

Not gonna do it man
Or no crow

Thank you to everyone who has made me feel welcomed and liked my work. It is  very much appreciated!




We all stand for some things
We all stand for something

If we look hard enough
Long enough
With sincerity

We will find

Something to stand for
Some things to stand for

Yet all is worthless
If we are not standing together

Mists of Peace

Mists of Peace

Cresting the ridge
Our valley now exposed
Morning sun broke free
From its chains

Illuminating the moon
The brief friendship
Destined mathematically
Exploding flashes of grandeur

Calm befell the valley
The mists of peace
Had prevailed
Captured willingly
By the hearts of all
In her presence


I know we can do better