Negative Space

An interesting term
Depicting a specific nothingness

The space that holds nothing
Waits to be filled
It’s actually a very nice gesture
This negativity
That is not negative in any real sense

…if you drive a car…the space in front of your car can become a negative space…(fast living)

3-4 frame in-camera multiple exposure

La Jolla Glider Port, San Diego CA

Distant Land

I found a dried spiny flower. It hung limp and yellow-brown. A shell of what once held color.
The sun was illuminating its spines, helping it to decay back into the earth. Behind it, the lure of shadowed light values.
When we get real close to these things, we can see those little worlds.
They swirl about us. Under our feet. Over our heads, waiting to be discovered.

Today, I will not rush. 
It’s too easy to run headlong into the fray of need and want.
And too much of anything creates the perception of redundancy and failure.
All the while, we hold these precious worlds in our hands.

lensbaby/tube extension – one frame – Polar Coordinate/color shift/blending in Photoshop Elements/Topaz

Moon and Dove

Dove flew by my window
Forest had turned
Into a tumultuous ocean

Moon laughed at dove
“No place to roost eh dove?”

“Shut up moon.”

“Maybe I’ll fly up
Where you are
Settle in your dirty house.”

“Whoa dove
Take it easy….it’s
Nothing personal”

“Yeah, I know.
Just tired man.
Nothing personal.”

“Still friends?”
Still friends.”

(3) frame in-camera photograph

Just Outside The City

It isn’t like you to leave with coffee on. 
So, I let myself in and turned off the pot…and poured myself a cup….with a little butter and cream, thank you. So good.
But, where were you? Why in such a hurry?
Looking around the room, I spied a half ripped page from your note pad by your land line.
Funny, we were just talking about how old we are and how we won’t give up our land lines even though we have cell phones too. Are they still called cell phones? No matter I suppose.
I could just make out the impression of what you wrote on the half-page you ripped out. “state and b st” ….in your perfect lettering…so unlike my scribbles.
“In the city,” I mused. “But why? Is there some sort of emergency? It must be. You hate the city! Brings back too many memories.”
So, it’s off to State and B Street.