The Group

The usual suspects
Led the way
Left, right, up, down

They asked me to join them
And I have to say
It looked like fun
What a strange word

“Join us join us”
They insisted
But they simply didn’t know me
How much I value freedom
I thought,
“Better to let me fly by,
Than to join you
And prove my terrible
Group skills

So, I politely refused
And avoided
The inevitable
Or perhaps
Brought the inevitable to the fore
Without wasting anyone’s time

Such is the life of an introvert. It is never anything personal. It’s more of a basic self-understanding applied to daily living.

Multiple exposure photograph


Sometimes the journey takes us over seemingly endless waters.
Just keep pushing.

It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded to my print site….this one was added yesterday.


I think I’ve used this title already.
It’s ok. 
It’s like having two children with the same name. It will be just a little awkward sometimes…

The day was very non-cooperative when I made this….
No clouds…so I turned and used some reflections coming off the river behind me. I couldn’t represent the river for this piece. So I apologized for appropriating its tonal values. “Look”, I said,”it’s nothing personal. Your ripples and such are fine, but that’s not needed right now. But your light refraction is spot on!
Moon has fully cooperated and allowed me to bring her down to the fake horizon. Actually, there’s not a horizon there….it’s just the way our minds complete things. It’s Tom Foolery I suppose. So are we good?”
She said, “what’s light refraction?”

multiple exposures in camera

One another note….my second “Dream Sequence” ambient music video is well on its way….should be finished in couple of weeks. It will feature a compilation of all my butterfly cuts and some ambient music. Here is a WIP view.