Ready to Live

Of all there is
On earth or above
Such cannot be measured
Than to walk in this beauty

Breathe in its breath
Lifted from the highest mountains
Scooped up
From the depths of the seas

And alas
I am to fear
Not the lion
Nor the claw of the bear

But that which cannot be seen
That, which we know is there.
It’s carried in the wind
And given with a kiss

It is older than time itself
And has had many names

I am crushed by knowledge
My heart aches
To visit your face
How long shall this be?
I am ready to live.

Up is Down

We sailed
Around the world
And found
Up is down
And down is up

Right when you think
You’ve got it down
The jig is up

It was all
Nailed down
But our time was up

We’re told
“Hunker down
For what’s coming up

Y’all stand down
So we can all get up”

All we can do
Is write down
About, what’s up

I hope everyone is safe. Stay healthy.

multiple exposure photos and some textures