Don’t even get me started.
But today,
Today will be different.

Void of circumstance.
Ignorant of age.
Trite criticisms,
Will fall
Without a sound.

Belongs to me
And a will,
To see what is beautiful.
And become
A part of that dimension.

Inspired by my WP readings. Thank you all.

In The Middle

We stay close
Bunched up
Grains of sand
On a lonely beach

It drives us mad
This closeness
Transforms us
To lash out
As rattler’s broods

The engine of progress
Its constant drone
The music
Of a gentle brook
And the rustling
Of deer moving
Quietly through
Forest’s timberland

So confusing
This voice
That perpetually
Of such lovely consciousness
Of unknown places
Asking, begging
To be discovered

Diptych – (2) 12″x12″ oils on canvas
I’m sure there are places where the drone of freeways are non-existent.
Where the wind passing through the trees is an event.


Is the shell
Skin worn
But not destroyed

Has been my pastime
While assaults of cold
Bitter winds 
Remove molt 

The days are longer
Something stirs
Exoskeleton eases
Something new
Something green

Forces itself
Screaming quietly
For the sun

There seems to be an abundance of weather related stories and blog posts today. So here’s mine! I do have to admit, our weather here is pretty dull compared to those in the north. This year has been seasonal for a nice change (in So Cal).


We are in agreement
The birds and I
Our sacred covenant
N’er to be broken

They swear
To look for you
At every corner
And shadow

For the price of suet and seed

And when found
They will report to me
Your whereabouts
In complete detail
Whether high or low

They follow my every step

Now, no longer
Do I wait by lit window
Nor anticipate another sunset
Without half of my soul

Be it cliff or chilly waters
Mired exposure
Dangers from vicious beasts
Dangers from within
Or falls within the abyss of doubt

We will find you
And you will find me
In this new place
You bring us to.

There is no such thing as Valentines Day. There is no such thing as romance. There is only the practice of love. It takes us through dark places into the light. It takes our every ounce of strength, and gives us comfort when everything changes. And only works, when we give everything without accounting.
Not easy.