Feral Before Civility

A family of cubs
Encouraged to fight
Testing mettle

Was a time, when boys were told to go outside and the expectation of no contact for the entire day was acceptable. We ran and fought without permanent damage (most of the time). There were pick up games of street football/baseball. Occasionally we’d head to the school field and play tackle football. No pads or teeth guards. Yeah, some teeth were lost.
We loved our parents and listened to them closely, or suffer the belt, or switch. Stripes kept us in check.
There was an order in the group. The strongest was the unelected leader. We joyfully supported and defended him, unless he was unjust or lacked compassion. In those cases, we walked away.


Everyone loves us
Look at what we like
Measured importance

We’re so famous
But no one tells us
Just look at what we like!

Our taste is impeccable
It make us famous
But no one tells us

Come to my house
We’ll collaborate

Our fame is evidenced
A few clicks
In the search engine

Mind your SEO
Like mowing the lawn
Weed and feed

About living the binary life online….a bit of silliness I guess. Have we become television?
Hyper edited architectural photos – UCSD Live and Learn campus.


The call of spring
A mere splash of color
Descending into a single point of energy

Its power
From the rush of responsibility

One must decide
The lens of perspective
Whether of practical means
Or the freefall
Of climbing
Outside the skin

That blinds the eyes
And reveals the river
Of order among the chaos

We must always see the forest from the trees, but sometimes we just need to get real close to the magic in tiny spaces.
Modified Helios lens

Impulse Instinct Intuition

Looking to define our separation
We call it instinct
Voiding the sentient nature of life forms

A bird lifts from atop trees
A measured effort, without brain power
Simply gaining energy potential

We see a crow
Harnessing thermals
Rising to the clouds

Weeping elephants
Grieve over a lost calf
Refusing to leave it behind

Have you heard the clicks
At the the bow?
Dolphin playing in the undertow

Our ability to think together
Build together
Is unique, beautiful, terrifying, destructive

Should we not return to some measured instinct?
That reasonable expectation
Of action-to-consequence ratio

The earth is one.