Small Obsession

If not for the sake of the journey
There is little to be found in the exercise
Of expanding the mind artistically

What would be most difficult
Becomes a perceived mountain to climb

And when it becomes apparent 
That perfection is a lie
We search for the next mountain to climb

What will we find next?

Are muses real?  They haunt, taunt and flaunt. Revealing my weaknesses like a storefront mannequin.
I don’t believe anything I just wrote. Do I? 

What Do You See

So small is your world
Quickly passes your lovely face
Can I catch you amid the tumult?

It has been some time that I have uploaded a new project to my Blue Marble Photography site.
This new representational project with swallows has intrigued and piqued my sense of “rising to the challenge” to make some representational images of these birds in flight.
The process pushes my camera to its limits and I’ve come to learn its limitations.
In the process, I’ve also learned to integrate with the erratic “rhythms” of these little birds. Their constant change of direction is typically a symptom of locating food, gaining a little altitude, then using that height to gain momentum onto the prey.
All the while, they incorporate small and large circles to cover the most area in he shortest amount of time.
This piece is one of my favorites. The bird is sighting in a potential meal. Look at that beautiful little face…adorable.


Near Collisions

It’s ironic
The nearest nature refuge
Has a freeway running through it

Humans in a hurry
Making background audio
For the freeway on the lake

Yes, I am obsessed with this project….fourteen years and running at this location. At some point, I might make all the work I can discover and will shift my focus.

The Enchanted Trail

Walking near dead grass, dust from the trail speaks a language of ages.
Sage and buckwheat shout the joy of summer’s calling.
This year, it will be short, but splendor will splash the air.

Bees frantically work, supporting the hive.
Descending into enchanted realms. Local universes.
Do they worry or fret? Counting flowers and days without rain.

Those things, considered “dead.”
Speak loudest of all.
About days gone by. Three weeks of glory for some.
Others, like the oak, masters of maternal care.
Spent years of reliable service. Never wavering. Strong, sure and fast.
Shading rabbit and coyote alike.
Their roots, were once alive with the harmonics of the beating heart called earth.
Now waiting patiently.
For rebirth.

Had to do a little impression work yesterday. Photos are edited for contrast. Russian 44-2 Modified Lens.

True Power

Make no excuses for yourself
And never apologize
To those who hate themselves.
A bitter outcome
Dragging us
Into their drowning pool
Is inevitable.

But know this;
We have the power
To transform hate
If it has not fully consumed
Its host,
With love.
A strength that will try us
And kill us
Many times over.

Is not easy.

In-camera multiple exposure photograph.