Kites, No Strings

What came first
The kites we control
Or the ones without strings?

After fifteen years of chasing the art of photography impressionistically, I am finding myself just making photographs of “things”.
In 2016 I started investigating serious video production and realized quickly the adventure that it is. Moving images with appropriate sound is a huge task if it is to be done well. Funny, making video was what got me into serious photography back in 2004.
I make these declarations because the artistic journey is a muse who must be treated like a spouse. Pay attention, or you will find yourself lost, and alone.
So now I am looking to just make some nice photos of birds. It was part of the journey some fifteen years ago, but now there is a lot of “stuff” to unpack to get there. I grew to not care for the details. Now, the details are everything.
Yesterday I walked about with an old Nikon 400mm 4.5 with the AU1 focus and my D750. The cover photo was NOT made with it. I wanted to try it out after letting it sit for about a decade (or longer). I made the rookie mistake of forgetting by monopod so everything I made was handheld. The total package is about ten pounds. I had to throw it over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes just to carry it. Making a frame required even more preplanning than usual and a shutter staying at 1/1000 or faster
My thinking was that even if the work was a little shaky, I could at least get an idea of the lens’ capability. When I opened the files, I realized why I stopped using this lens. It has a terrible rendering of strong light. The purple fringing is atrocious. My plan to sell the lens has changed. I cannot in good faith sell this old beast. It is a good lens to manually learn, but the results are so spotty it doesn’t make sense to sell it.
I’ll give it to Goodwill and maybe a newbie will pick it up for $50.
Don’t get me wrong, impressions are not off the menu.

Have a good weekend!

Ten-Year Murmuration

The fourth quarter of 2021 will mark ten years that I have been documenting the murmurations at a little lake in the ‘burbs.

Hundreds of individuals
Fly in unison

We might learn something of value from our natural world. Cover photo is a single-frame multiple exposure effort.

here they are with a new instrumental “Arrested Solitude”

What Do I Know?

Do I like fishing?
As a boy
A hook and worm
Were tools for adventure

Pleasing my father
Who taught me rules.
One must pull their weight
Or be sent away

Dogs must defend the farm
Cats had better kill rodents
Cows will give milk
Or become dinner

These systems of value
Created from another world
Transitioned to the city
Never did fit very well.

So I relied on the moon
Or the waves of the ocean
Something repeatable,
Careless and sometimes unpredictable

Truth, I found
Is sometimes static 
And sometimes 
Constantly changing

Dusting off rod and line
Casting lures into the dark
Looking to catch something old
To capture a spark, a fire

I’m not a very good fisherman
And the fish know it
Better at feeding them
I suppose

I said hello to the moonrise yesterday. It was cool and the horizon burned lavender. Some things are static, others, not so much.