By my own words.
While working around the property.

Wife:….”I just don’t want you to forget…
you know you have ADHD”…..
Me: “What? What do you mean? I don’t have AD……
hey look at that yellow bird!”….(finger pointing across the yard)
We quickly look at each other.
The laughter went non-stop for several minutes.

She may be right. And maybe I’m just high functioning ADHD, but seeing a Hooded Oriole will always put a stop to whatever conversation I’m having.

Conditions Were Right

Why am I obsessing over this thought?

Well, they were good last night. But it was a surreal experience.
Looking up, there was the fingernail moon…all smilely-like.
It’s grin shone through the naked tree limbs overhead.
I called “Hey!” and made a photograph. A happy photograph.

Turning toward the dark waters, my mind looked for something compelling. There in the deep murk, was the moon again. In that context, he seemed a little sad …so I made photo of sad moon.
Couldn’t make up my mind. Sometimes it just goes like that…even when conditions are right.

Moon told me, “it’s all good, and moment-to-moment. Just live it.” Peering again through naked limbs I could make out a silent voice. She told me to “settle down. Listen to wind, you can learn much from silence.”

Still learning.

Thank you