We are animals
We are not animals
Instinct in our blood
Reason in our minds

The night was long
Its cold walls
Falling on us
Like castles besieged

We flew through the towers
Picking up willing strays along the way

We were all strays
Looking to be led
Looking for strength
Hanging on to the sinew of words
That gave us wings

With such intense velocity
Tears escaped our eyes
Blowing off into infinity
Creating clouds of hope

As dawn approached
We strays found our homes
Our place of belonging

We are animals
We are not animals

multiple exposure photograph

Inside Out

Webs cross my face
Deep within lines
Already drawn
One for each year

Chill in the bones
A sleeping resurgence 
As vague
As hair growing

This slow melting
The longest yawn
Can be seen
Through the trees

Just there
Beyond reach
Unconsciously palpable

oils on canvas 12″x12″

trees are the last to give in….in the forest, we can watch it on the natural screen,
framed for our liking…a movie not to be missed, playing worldwide….one showing only


Sometimes the journey takes us over seemingly endless waters.
Just keep pushing.

It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded to my print site….this one was added yesterday.


I think I’ve used this title already.
It’s ok. 
It’s like having two children with the same name. It will be just a little awkward sometimes…

The day was very non-cooperative when I made this….
No clouds…so I turned and used some reflections coming off the river behind me. I couldn’t represent the river for this piece. So I apologized for appropriating its tonal values. “Look”, I said,”it’s nothing personal. Your ripples and such are fine, but that’s not needed right now. But your light refraction is spot on!
Moon has fully cooperated and allowed me to bring her down to the fake horizon. Actually, there’s not a horizon there….it’s just the way our minds complete things. It’s Tom Foolery I suppose. So are we good?”
She said, “what’s light refraction?”

multiple exposures in camera

One another note….my second “Dream Sequence” ambient music video is well on its way….should be finished in couple of weeks. It will feature a compilation of all my butterfly cuts and some ambient music. Here is a WIP view.

So Many Stars

We try beyond our limits
To drown out the stars
Our little lights beaming back messages
Look at our significance!

Stars scurry into hiding
Without fear of self-worth
Without care or interest
But full of curiosity

They ask moon,
Who is this?
Are not our lights
Sufficient for them?

Moon laughs.
“You know, we used to be.
Now, some have never seen our true glory.
And when they do, they are forever changed.
They do not deserve our scorn,
Or pity.
They will be ok.
Give them time,
They are new at this.”

I grew up in the suburbs of LA and have always lived with the veil of human generated light blocking out our wonderful universe and its personal messages. There is much to learn in the places that reveal our true existence. Just by being quiet, watching a shooting star or distant satellite, we learn a little about our reality. The perspective of the totality of our being within this beautiful cosmos should motivate us to a tearful joy.
Celebrate your place in this universe.

Into the Shadows

Fallen from the precipice
Into the gorge of uncertainty
The liquidity of transient existence

Movement beneath my feet
Created by winds of transformation
My personal tornado 
Seeking to disrupt

But I am unshaken
Strong still
I tell myself

When consciousness bathes me
Its relentless liquidity
Filling every pore.

Never was I at the precipice
There is no precipice
And these shadows
These new friends
Flow like a gentle spring
Offering shade and rest
Moving toward me

A place I have been
Since birth


“You must join in
You must join us
Not them”

My body floated over the fray

“Come down here
And hate with us.
We will be victorious!

If you do not pick a side
Both sides will devour you.
We are righteous,
And hatred is our friend!”

“So then this must be my demise.
To hover and refuse the chains.
Better to die, than to die while living
For foolish delusions.”

Mounted, divided photograph on plywood. Gesso and oils.

Swallows in May

Not too much longer now
They will leave this place
For northern climes

This May has been extraordinarily busy for me. I made only my second entry of photographic work for the month last night.
That will change, like the coming and going of the swallows.

After a few hectic weeks, it felt good to let the sound of the river cover me while I mused at the whimsy of these little birds.