Into the Shadows

Fallen from the precipice
Into the gorge of uncertainty
The liquidity of transient existence

Movement beneath my feet
Created by winds of transformation
My personal tornado 
Seeking to disrupt

But I am unshaken
Strong still
I tell myself

When consciousness bathes me
Its relentless liquidity
Filling every pore.

Never was I at the precipice
There is no precipice
And these shadows
These new friends
Flow like a gentle spring
Offering shade and rest
Moving toward me

A place I have been
Since birth


“You must join in
You must join us
Not them”

My body floated over the fray

“Come down here
And hate with us.
We will be victorious!

If you do not pick a side
Both sides will devour you.
We are righteous,
And hatred is our friend!”

“So then this must be my demise.
To hover and refuse the chains.
Better to die, than to die while living
For foolish delusions.”

Mounted, divided photograph on plywood. Gesso and oils.

Swallows in May

Not too much longer now
They will leave this place
For northern climes

This May has been extraordinarily busy for me. I made only my second entry of photographic work for the month last night.
That will change, like the coming and going of the swallows.

After a few hectic weeks, it felt good to let the sound of the river cover me while I mused at the whimsy of these little birds.

Between a Penny and a Nickel

Love these little ones.
Their weight is about the same as a penny or nickel.
Wings hum at about sixty times a second!
How does that even work?!

Maybe it’s magic, or some sort of unseen juju.
Maybe they’re fairies from long ago.
Or some sort of reincarnated happy energy.
That found its way to find sweets all day.

Just watch it for a second.
Not too many times we get to witness real magic.

(Backyard vid – 4x slomo)


All activity had ended.
There were no more murmurations.
Even the swallows and ducks had called it a day.
A sure sign that all was finished.
Even the sun had all but left the building.

There were two exposures already cooking in my camera.
I let the camera rest, strapped to my neck.
Ready to let the shot remain unfinished.
Then out of my periphery…movement beyond the trees.
A six foot giant….or great egret.

He was tired, and he ignored me.
His glide path was sure to bring him into view.
Snatching the camera up to my eye, I focused.
I was using a manual focus Lensbaby, so getting him in the correct plane was imperative.

His glide was so slow that I had enough time.
Focused, metered, placed in the negative space of the composition.
Sometimes these things work.

Urban Hunter

Hey! Oh, it’s you. Whadda ya doin?
Can’t a guy get a bite around here without someone buttin’ in? How’d you like it if I walked up to your dinner table a took a picture of you while you were eating? Sheesh! The nerve of some people.

Hey was that you on the trail I jumped in front of a couple of weeks ago? Startled you didn’t I? Serves you right. I was trackin’ a rabbit dinner ’til you came along and scared it off.