Last Year Ramble

Hit sixty-one. Feels a lot like sixty.
Like all years previous…the best moments were free…and many times unexpected.
It’s still smart to be able to laugh at myself, a valuable lesson learned from my lovely wife. She’s really good at laughing at me, not with me, and I at her…never mean spirited.
If you win an award…the next day….nothing’s changed. The trash still needs to be taken out, and the dishes need washing. Actually, I learned that a while ago.
If your roof springs a leak, it’s seems almost as bad as when your old plumbing springs a leak under the slab. You’re in for a mess of work, or shelling out some cash for the guy you’d rather have do the work (or both). The big difference is before it rains, (a year later) you find yourself back on the roof making sure your patch is holding up (did that this morning).
It’s true, good fences make for good neighbors. Especially when you live in the ‘burbs where all the little houses look the same and are only a few feet apart from each other. Started that today.
You can plan a summer trip to Mammoth, but if the forest is on fire, the smoke will drive you to turn around and go home the next day. San Diego is a great staycation destination!
Grandchildren are like your children, or your wife. They just keep getting more and more beautiful.
When I pray. I pray thanks for the privilege to have a roof and plumbing, even if they leak sometimes. For the sunlight of family. For the sense to recognize the richness of life, even when I am miserably depressed, for whatever reason.
The natural world we live in is amazing….love her.
Pretty sure it’s midnight somewhere. Happy new year, good night.
Ever notice that if there were no “t” in night, it’d be nigh?


It can become difficult
This living thing.
Supposed to be
More than just
Being alive.

Too many
Walking by
Walking away

So much time on their hands.
Long enough to say hello
Maybe a few words
More important.

Waking up
In your house.
Eating dinner

That’s all you get
‘Nuf for the needin’