End of Day

In light’s last wane
Arms stretched
Like a mother’s embrace

A giving of all things good
‘Til final pangs of energy fades
Expending life to the last

Delivering all there is to give
In radiant effort’s glow
A gentle farewell

‘Til tomorrow

Nothing’s Happening

It was your decision to plant the canna
Placing them strategically throughout the garden
Technically, the root is edible
But we will never eat them

So in the harvester’s mind….window dressing
Any flower that draws the pollinator
Is welcomed here

I sat in the garden
While nothing was happening
I noticed the dozens of little butterflies
Flitting with frenzied effort
Looking for mates
Looking to lay eggs
On our green bean buds

West coast butterflies floated
Like reluctant autumn leaves
Refusing to drop to the ground
They too, searching for pheromones
The promise of larva
Rummaging our summer squash

Just there
Between the orange of the red cape honeysuckle
Falls the light blue of plumbago
Like the waters from a distant mountain.
Within their marriage
Dwells the wasp
Searching out nectar
And the eggs and larva of the butterfly

Yes, nothing was happening
In this micro environment

Then, this little hummingbird came along…

the moment:


Dis: negative, or reversing force
Solve: find an answer to

What is happening
To that old guy
His atoms

A newfound viscosity
Flowing to the floor
“What a world
What a world”

Things can feel this way sometimes
multiple exposure photograph

Dream Sequence 5

I have added a second ambient music/video to my youtube channel!

Dream Sequence 5 features video of butterflies I find on the trails I travel. If you are looking to be excited, this may not be for you. The intent for music is wholly devoted to the ambient cause….a backdrop of sound to allow one to concentrate on something else.

In San Diego, we are mostly an arid climate. Even near the Pacific most of the terrain is chaparral (low brush and smaller trees). The video was made near the San Diego river. It is lush with trees and every year around August, the swallowtails come to look for mates. This year I decided I would document this event.
The swallowtail will find “highways” between trees and follow a pattern of flying within these lanes. A male will approach a female and emit pheromones in an attempt to woo a female. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

There are a few clips of cabbage whites in there too….they are very abundant here.

The dream sequence number originates from the titles I give each music composition when I sit down to create it. I liked the #4 effort more than the previous three so that one ended up first on the list for posting. Eventually I will back into the first three as I add entries. 

The Video:

My next effort will be of ocean waves and more peaceful music.
Thank you for your support!

Into the Background

This weekend was very busy! I helped my daughter (3rd Saturday in a row). We are building a quail hutch for her homestead farming aspirations. The summer is ending and that typically means it gets very hot here. 
I am not as strong as I used to be, so I am good for 4-5 hours before the heat saps my ambition.
One or two more weekends, and she will move her quail to their new home.
This previous post alludes to a new project I have dedicated myself to:

And as a result, I have created the new channel Ambient Calm: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9VnvKu4KEcxwOgW7v9Kyw/videos?view_as=subscriber

It is dedicated to simple video with ambient music/sounds for relaxing. 
These efforts are directed for those times when a little music or video is desired, but only in the ambient sense. 

This first piece contains background music composed simply for peripheral use during times when distractions are not wanted….i.e. studying, relaxing, meditation, or even just falling asleep.
The music presentation utilizes sampled orchestra instruments and phrases (multiple instrumentation recorded melodies).
Future work will include natural white noise, nature’s sounds… all with the intent to help the listener/watcher focus with an open mind.

The first effort: