Honestly, I’m not sure
What to think
Of these days of uncertainty
As if uncertainty
Was never a part of our living
And dying
Are we so much wiser
Being able to see the unseeable
Panic filling our hearts
To stave off the inevitable
Knowledge enough
To hide like mice?

We ask ourselves
Is it enough to be alive
While not living
By what measure
Will one consider
Coming to that final conclusion
That realization of consciousness
That those things we can control
Should never
Control us?

Lettuce Give Thanks

Today, it will be 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A few weeks ago, it was cool and rainy. So much for the Southern California spring!
Here are 2 minutes of a rainy scene in our garden:

The garden has changed a lot since then. We have many lettuce plants that are doing well. They will want to bolt if it stays hot for too many days in a row.

The photo is a cropped/stitched image of some breakfast radishes from the garden of last year.

They are sometimes bitter
And grow up too fast
But underneath
They really are sweet
And love to blend in

Sorry for the title!

Every Day is Earth Day

A little project created with my grandson.

“I Am”
If all the elements in my body can be found in the earth

I am the ocean, the waves and the foam.

I am the sand and the air.
I am the wind and the clouds and the crumbling cliffs.
I am the grass of the field and the dirt under my feet.
I am of the earth and in the earth, and the earth is in me

I am the ant and the dragonfly
I am the heron and the fish
I am the gnat catcher and the hummingbird
I am the seed and the tree
I am the light and the darkness
I am the sun, the moon and the stars
I am the peace that falls at the end of the day
I am the voice that tells the animals “it’s time for bed”
I am the red of sunset, and the lavender of sleep
I am of the earth and in the earth, and the earth is in me

Written By ©Mark Steven Wade
Narrated by Chaz Cosgrove