Suspicious Goings-On

Ever feel like you’re the person standing still in a hyper fast video?
Everyone and everything around you has accelerated to unsustainable speeds. Nobody stops to just breathe and “be” in the moment. It’s all a blur.
Projection, that’s me.
It’s tax season.
We are looking to sell our home and move to a more rural community.
“Retirement” is just ahead and our whole world will change.
Or will it?
All of these whirlwinds are blowing from all directions. I am resolved to know that our lives will be upended for the next year (at least). It was so much easier to sustain the surprises and setbacks when I was in my thirties. Although, now that I think about it, maybe not.
Not too many things surprise me any more. As always, things will happen, and get done, in due time.
All things in due time.

Keep a sharp lookout for the good things to come.
Oh yeah, and happy new year. (Just a little behind)

Be on the lookout!

Found some enchanting light on the San Diego River, Mission Trails. Black Phoebe feeding among the gnats and midges.

82 Folders

Cover photograph: “Single Black Bird at Dusk” January 2021

As I peruse my photographs made in 2021, I am currently at 82 folders (for creative photography only).
Each folder represents an outing with resultant works. Some are full, others not so much.
This year was a year to dive into bird portraiture, which is rewarding, sometimes very boring, and never easy.
“The Truth of the Matter” is that birds in the wild don’t like humans. Couple that with restrictive access and finding opportunity can be challenging. (Not to mention attaining focus on a moving target)

The Truth of the Matter – Birds are wary of us. Clean portraits are nice, but birds prefer to hide in bushes and trees behind cover.

Typical wild bird “cooperation”
Even with its imperfections, this is one of my favorites for the year. A dramatic moment for this little mouse.
Again, imagery full of “errors” in the birding-perfect-world-tradition, but one of my best.

There is always more to learn with this craft. It forces the artist to push past the “mistakes”. A camera is a powerful tool. It can turn down the light of the sun, blur realities and simply make the user “get up and go make something lovely.”
That is power.

1st Quarter Work Files:

Sudden is Life

In general.
Nothing changes. Everything changes.
Everything stays the same. Nothing stays the same.
Everything happens for a reason.
Except time and chance.

Since May, I’ve lost most of the mobility in my right arm. “Frozen shoulder” they call it, with rotator cuff issues. The pain teaches me limitations. Limitations are ignored while sleeping, so in pain I wake up throughout the night. The evidence of most painkillers’ association with memory/cognitive decline keeps me away from those. So, it’s ginger tea or turmeric. Physical therapy is “thawing” out the issue. My Orthopedic Doc will likely shoot me up with cortisone to speed up the process.
With that, I recognize what a blessed world I live in. I get to go see doctors who will help me. We see a disease that would have killed countless millions 100 years ago and we fight it. There seems to be an “expectation of perfection” in society these days, from all sides. All of us are fallible and yet sides are drawn? Like it or not, we are not divided. My body is made from the same earth/cosmos born material as everyone elses. We all share this.
We all share the same moon. We are all part of the same river. The water in our bodies once supported fish in a great ocean.
Like it or not, we are all one.

Cover Photo; “Blue Forest Starlings” – Available Print:

Studio Dumping:
After years of exhibitions, it’s time to clear out the studio. These prints are poster mounted to keep costs down to move them out of the studio. Drop me a line if interested.

Is Too Far A Waste of Time?

Perhaps I have ADHD, ADD, WXYZ, or something, I don’t know. We know that when we endeavor into an artistic genre, we will aim at “traditional.” Once that is known (fully or otherwise) sometimes we ask ourselves, “what can I do with this? It’s nice, but how do I make it my own?” Our thinking drifts in and out of ideas. So how do we work it out?
For me, the first step is to take it too far. Sometime that works, sometimes not. When I first started using intentional camera movements in my work, I was elated! My assistant reviewed some of my work and honestly stated, ” it hurts my eyes.” With that, I came to understand that something new and exhilarating to me is meaningless if it does not convey a meaningful message to the viewer.
It was not failure, it was learning and with learning comes maturity.
So here we are again. The decision to gear up for bird photography in February has brought me here. Processing a color image, save, process a B&W rendering, save, process a B&W image and remove the colors that make the water go to black. Stack that black image over the color and reveal the color through masking.
Kitsch? Perhaps. But I will embrace kitsch if it leads me to new knowledge. Anyway, it makes for an interesting desktop background.
During this process of editing and video creation I have come to remember why I love photography so much. A few hours spent outside of myself. No cares of the world bearing down on me. Looking for beauty and story. What a lovely privilege. Watching and appreciating nature is a treasure to the heart.
In all of that discovery, I see the direction to go. To explore and work. To fail and succeed. To live.

Finding the Light

It is the telling
That wears us out
So we run to places
Where semblances
Of light
Still reside

The gold of morning
Gives us hope.
There is no talking here
Only instinct
And the basic will
To survive.

A place for flight
And grace
Strength and weakness.
It waits for no one
And moves through us all.

An unending story
Waiting to unfold
To be told.