New Sight

Watching your plane ascend
Eyes wouldn’t stay open

Into the decay at my feet
Pools of history looming
As controlled violence
Broke laws of physics

Winds lifting you away
Failing eyes unwilling
Heart spills open
New eyes, new sight

Black Birds and Fences

There are scales on my eyes
And I must traverse the journey
Over and over
Before I can see

My walks have taken me by this spot many times.
The tree, birds, the fences and light kept telling an untold story.
Struggling with its meaning
A puzzle
With pieces missing

All is not as it appears
To the eye
The eye must close
To see

If we can find the emotive response within us to color, lines and shapes.
Make them ours. Interpret them from the emotive eye.
The journey takes on new meaning.

(multiple exposure photograph)


Mists of Peace

Mists of Peace

Cresting the ridge
Our valley now exposed
Morning sun broke free
From its chains

Illuminating the moon
The brief friendship
Destined mathematically
Exploding flashes of grandeur

Calm befell the valley
The mists of peace
Had prevailed
Captured willingly
By the hearts of all
In her presence


I know we can do better

This Drug

This photography drug thing.
Especially with in-camera multiple exposures. It becomes a game of cat and mouse.
With lilting light and shadow. Changes, continual changes.
The spark for a new composition. Shadow of a mountain, reflected light off the lake.
Maybe some long exposure blur.
Insanity… beautiful, chaotic, reorganized insanity