Just Outside The Woods

It was a morning of unusual happenstance
I was tempted to knock on your door anyway
Wolves had chased me out of the woods
Your present lay on the trail behind

Should I return to retrieve it
Risking being torn to pieces?
Well, if I am eaten alive
Then I am good for nothing!
Hmm, glad I settled that.

So, picking wild mustard and radish flowers
I made you a fine bouquet.
And brought it to your door.
Knocking was futile….and dust covered your windows.
Peering in, I could see steam billowing from your pot.
Alas, you were not home.

a simple photograph….lensbaby

Award Winning

It’s “funny”
To win an award
To wake the next morning
And everything
Is still the same

Reaching for recognition
Our existence
Our purpose
Our meaning

Standing in this dream
Waves are gentle
Only the godwits stirring
An award, that changes

I did not recently win any awards. Just some thoughts tumbling around my “little gray cells”. Lensbaby


All activity had ended.
There were no more murmurations.
Even the swallows and ducks had called it a day.
A sure sign that all was finished.
Even the sun had all but left the building.

There were two exposures already cooking in my camera.
I let the camera rest, strapped to my neck.
Ready to let the shot remain unfinished.
Then out of my periphery…movement beyond the trees.
A six foot giant….or great egret.

He was tired, and he ignored me.
His glide path was sure to bring him into view.
Snatching the camera up to my eye, I focused.
I was using a manual focus Lensbaby, so getting him in the correct plane was imperative.

His glide was so slow that I had enough time.
Focused, metered, placed in the negative space of the composition.
Sometimes these things work.

The Big Stew

Mud on my shoes
In my blood
Smell the dirt
Forgotten memories
The warmth
Of my mother’s placenta

Rivers surge
Make smooth the hardest of rock
Constant rhythmic pounding
Pushed by a forceful heart
Driven to the sea
The big stew

How foolish
To wake up
For one nano-second
This is a place to visit

I am the mud
I am the river, the rock
A speck
In the big stew

“Hiking Notes”

Daughter of My Daughter

Daughter of my daughter,
Come, walk with me

So many things to say
Before the sun sets
And sleep overcomes.

In the strength 
Of your mother

Your eyes,
Like hers
Full of life and cheer

Will illuminate
Where you have walked

No ill word
Will pass through
Where ears may judge

Will be your name
Will be your sword