Going Home

Those words
When we say them
Mean Nothing
And Everything

A subjective a comment
Only to the speaker

Such places
Only exist in our minds
For a time

While the walking
Directs our steps
To perilous places
Where we fear
Being torn apart

Though once we’ve traversed the gauntlet
Of hungry wolves and bears
We find the single door
Of long standing memory
Painted same as childhood dream

Knocking avails no answer
Fumbling keys do not fit the lock
Slowly opens of its own volition
And is filled with home
The subjective agreement
Of rest and assurance

Recurring Reverie

Standing on the jetty
Getaway boat out of reach
Tried to walk on water

Still not sure how
That works

Storm clouds chuckle 
At the sinking fool
Tried to breathe under water

Still not sure how
That works

Anchovies float the body
Back onto the jetty
Sea lions devour them
Teeth tearing, ripping 

Thank you
Sinking scales
Remnants of best efforts

Just give me
Some time
I’ll get this right
Just give me
Some time


You were there
Watching me skip stones
Falling headlong
Into cold waters
Learning to swim
Learning to drown

You were there
Last night
Hiding in the reeds
Slapping me
Out of it

Awake now.
See you 

what is a meta for?
if it’s not a metaphor, if it’s not an analogy

maybe it’s an anaphor…metagy?

double exposure photograph and some applied textures