Sunset On Red

Unsettled was my body
Like dust illuminated
Through window’s light
Every atom

Melded with this daily ritual
When blood fills the sky
And a sudden hush
Closes every mouth

All of us
Taken up
Taken aback
Willingly surrendered
To the moment’s
Weightless calling

“Sunset on Red” – 12″x12″ Oils on canvas

The Shape of Things

Everything was falling
Nothing hit the ground
It all floated gently
Despite gravity crashing the party

The pool has a leak
But it never empties
If I could just find the ladder
At least then,
I’d discover the bottom

Water soluble oils on canvas 12″x12″
Not sure what it means…sometimes I have no control over what happens next with the paint.

Abstracted Sunset

…or maybe it was sunrise.. I don’t remember

but the woods covered me in near silence
only the sounds of air moving between trees

I could have been a fish off the California coast
In the quiet kelp forest with only the sound
Of water moving toward the shoreline

As it is
I am just human

oils on canvas – 36″x36″