Six PM
Waiting hangs in the air
Like maple syrup
In my coffee

Six birds fly
Into the dreamworld
Created in my camera
Completely unaware

For this little moment
There are no demands
Void of angry voices
Deadlines buried
In creative bliss

Multiple exposures on a single frame (in-camera) – Mission Trails, San Diego CA
Made this during a very kinesthetic learning time in my photography walk. There is power in controlling light. There is power in the ability to manipulate your surroundings to match the dreams in your head.


By my own words.
While working around the property.

Wife:….”I just don’t want you to forget…
you know you have ADHD”…..
Me: “What? What do you mean? I don’t have AD……
hey look at that yellow bird!”….(finger pointing across the yard)
We quickly look at each other.
The laughter went non-stop for several minutes.

She may be right. And maybe I’m just high functioning ADHD, but seeing a Hooded Oriole will always put a stop to whatever conversation I’m having.

Conditions Were Right

Why am I obsessing over this thought?

Well, they were good last night. But it was a surreal experience.
Looking up, there was the fingernail moon…all smilely-like.
It’s grin shone through the naked tree limbs overhead.
I called “Hey!” and made a photograph. A happy photograph.

Turning toward the dark waters, my mind looked for something compelling. There in the deep murk, was the moon again. In that context, he seemed a little sad …so I made photo of sad moon.
Couldn’t make up my mind. Sometimes it just goes like that…even when conditions are right.

Moon told me, “it’s all good, and moment-to-moment. Just live it.” Peering again through naked limbs I could make out a silent voice. She told me to “settle down. Listen to wind, you can learn much from silence.”

Still learning.

Thank you

Recurring Dream

It appears calm
The surface nearly flat
Yet those small ripples…waves
Belie a boiling unseen

In my dreams of unrest
Waves crash overhead
Control completely lost

No longer a man
In this dream
I am a boy
Thrown about

Reduced to flotsam
Bound to continuous churning
Without escape
Save the awakening

It has been some time since I’ve experienced this dream. It started as a recurring lucid dream in my childhood soon after my parents divorced and split the family. It is interesting that the affects one event will manifest itself in our subconscious looking for resolution.

(Photo – Coronado, CA – Full Edit Manipulation in TOPAZ)