Recurring Dream

It appears calm
The surface nearly flat
Yet those small ripples…waves
Belie a boiling unseen

In my dreams of unrest
Waves crash overhead
Control completely lost

No longer a man
In this dream
I am a boy
Thrown about

Reduced to flotsam
Bound to continuous churning
Without escape
Save the awakening

It has been some time since I’ve experienced this dream. It started as a recurring lucid dream in my childhood soon after my parents divorced and split the family. It is interesting that the affects one event will manifest itself in our subconscious looking for resolution.

(Photo – Coronado, CA – Full Edit Manipulation in TOPAZ)


  1. I just want to say, I’m not scared of your post! Yes it’s deep! I actually loved it. May be because I grew up on a beach too, so I’m an ocean child too! I also did have ‘waves’ dream in my childhood!
    I respect and do appreciate, what you wrote! It resonated with me.

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    1. Thank you Kat. There comes a time when those things that once seemed so overwhelming are put in their proper place….(things like my old dream).
      I know Kat would not be afraid…not “walks among mountain lions” Kat.
      I did see your earlier post and I pondered the question of “Why Are you Scared Of Living?”. Not scared. Not any more.
      The last dozen years has been a rediscovery of the somewhat dormant creature struggling to bust out…without regard to rules or controlling philosophy(s).

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      1. Why does the sound and tone of this reply make me happy?!

        Still smiling.

        You seem to have found your path Mark! And it sounds free…and wonderful.


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