This Is Not A Poem

A charitable cause close to my extended family and our hearts.

The Mito Walk event draws contributions to help fund research into Mitochondrial disease. This condition has horrible effects to the children stricken with it, and its subset conditions may be basic to other conditions/diseases as well.

If you are healthy, if your children are healthy, hug each other, be thankful.

UCSD Mito Research:
Naviaux Lab:
Dr Richard Hass – Children’s Hospital:

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    1. Thank you Wendi. I have watched my wife deal with CF/Fibromyalgia/Food Hypersensitivities for decades and this very research hopes to reach/treat these types of issues. They’re making headway into the Autistic spectrum as well.
      The children we know with Mitochondrial disease have short life spans and live life under a pain management system while attempting to strengthen and limber-up their little bodies. It is difficult to watch and I’m sure even more difficult to live out.
      Thanks again.

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