This Is Not A Poem

A charitable cause close to my extended family and our hearts.

The Mito Walk event draws contributions to help fund research into Mitochondrial disease. This condition has horrible effects to the children stricken with it, and its subset conditions may be basic to other conditions/diseases as well.

If you are healthy, if your children are healthy, hug each other, be thankful.

UCSD Mito Research:
Naviaux Lab:
Dr Richard Hass – Children’s Hospital:


How far, is it, to the moon?
And from where did I come?
How did I grow inside of you?
Was it magic or a miracle?

Where were you just now, I was lost?
Can you see the rain afar off?
I’ll be gone for the day, for the week.
What will I do, when I work in the world?

Will there be someone for me?

Did I hurt you when I moved away?
Did you call my name in the night?

How far, is it, to the moon?

We were all once seeds, held tight by a beautiful flower.

Old 8mm family film cuts from the ’60’s – south of Los Angeles.

May 11th Presentation

I have been asked to give a presentation on my techniques for photography to the San Diego Sierra Club Photo Section.

As I finalize my Power Point, I find myself vacillating between delivering emotion and technical speak. There cannot be any unbalance in the truth of the matter. Photography is a part of my expressive voice that has connected, and re-connected a part of me that becomes easily filled with wonder and is childishly impressed with even the most banal occurrences of the everyday natural world.
Anything that can accomplish that should be tended to with great care.

Thank you Steven and Alexander for the invitation. The pleasure is all mine.

See the Wind

Carry the words
Of innumerable souls
Across the valley
Onto the mountain tops

The plankton
Of solid terrain

Move across my face
Its creases
Your intimate friend

I know you love me
Your cool hands
Penetrate my coat
And cover me
With stories
From other lands