Mission Trails – A Walk in the Park

In December, it will be ten years since I put this photo-book together. It was a labor of love for the regional park that has inspired so much of my photography.
It was also part of a charitable drive. Proceeds from those initial sales were forwarded to the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation.
There are many projects floating around in my head at the moment. “Start painting again….finish mounting current prints…write more music….make more nature videos…create more nature videos with music….produce more instructional videos for photography.”
And now….update “A Walk In The Park” with “A Walk In The Park II.”
The cover photograph was made before I jumped into multiple exposures. It is a long exposure piece made with many filters to slow down the shutter. When this is applied to the work, light becomes clay in the hands of the photographer and the camera can be moved around at will (with intention, not hap-hazard).
The original is linked below for review.

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