Just Outside The City

It isn’t like you to leave with coffee on. 
So, I let myself in and turned off the pot…and poured myself a cup….with a little butter and cream, thank you. So good.
But, where were you? Why in such a hurry?
Looking around the room, I spied a half ripped page from your note pad by your land line.
Funny, we were just talking about how old we are and how we won’t give up our land lines even though we have cell phones too. Are they still called cell phones? No matter I suppose.
I could just make out the impression of what you wrote on the half-page you ripped out. “state and b st” ….in your perfect lettering…so unlike my scribbles.
“In the city,” I mused. “But why? Is there some sort of emergency? It must be. You hate the city! Brings back too many memories.”
So, it’s off to State and B Street. 


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