No Escape

There is a location where I create most of my photographic impressions. It is located within the county and is close to my place of work, so it is convenient.
The entire regional park is vast, but with the time I have available, I typically visit a small portion of it. It is very “wild” in the sense that there are designated trails to walk and the rest is left undisturbed.
It’s not uncommon to see deer, coyote, rabbit and bird life. Occasionally, mountain lions are seen as well (not by me).
It is encompassed by the urban sprawl of San Diego. Freeways on one end (north), major transportation on two sides (east/south). A nearby regional airport to the east. And urban sprawl to the west. It is rarely ever truly quiet here. Relative to being in the middle of the city, it is less noisy. Only relative.
I’ve found that the older I get, the more I crave quiet. More specifically, sound that is void of any human influence. I have attempted to record audio for video production and have realized just how noisy this place is. If I get one full minute of a specific sound (like a river) without a plane or Harley, or siren I consider it a great achievement.
This photograph is a great testimony to the restraints of attempting to depict a natural world in a place full of human (visual) influence.
At first I hated it. The piece took some time to develop over several frames in-camera. The last frame was of the birds. When I saw the tower, I was filled with frustration.
When I opened it up in my computer, I came to realize a few things. These “escapes” to this area are not full escapes. The IDEA of an escape is there however, and that is good enough. I have been an urban produced human my entire life. Sometimes we just need a little less of the mayhem of human ingenuity and a little less can be good for the soul.

multiple exposures in-camera + color shifts in Topaz
Mission Trails, San Diego CA

Old Friend

Clouds rolled in mocking my presence.
Hiding your lovely face
Its luminescence
Haunting my dreams
To obsession. 

You said,
“You can love me,
But I belong to no one.
If you worship me
I will hate you
Don’t put me in a place
Where only seclusion
Would be my name.”

“I know,” I whispered. 
“I apologize.
Couldn’t help myself
It’s been so long.”

“I know too,” she said.
Our worth is found here
In this moment.
Clouds, roll away some
Let me see my friend.

Not so bad.”

(3) frame multiple exposures in-camera

O Winged Thing

An Ekphrasitc Poem by Richard Leach

O winged thing,
flight evolved four
separate times on earth.
Do we find in you the fifth?

O winged thing,
you move through the streets
and squares of the city.

O winged thing,
do you come hunting,
to silently seize
and bear away?

O winged thing,
do you come to shelter,
to hide us behind
your outspread wings?

O winged thing,
I would not be taken
and might welcome shelter.

O winged thing,
do you have a voice?

O winged thing,
should you pass by swiftly
I will say that the sudden wind we felt
was the breath of your passage.

©Richard Leach:

Source photo by ©Hanan Kazma:

©Video creation by me.

Don’t Let Me Sleep

Yesterday, I told you “I love you”
How much you’ve brought meaning
Into my life.

As I drew away from your lips
A momentary glitch in time
Spoke in my ear
“We will see, we will see”

Floating backwards
I asked, “what do you mean?”
You simply looked at me.
Having said nothing.

Calling to you
Mouth all agape
No words would come out.
Fighting the backwards movement,
My legs lost all strength.
Darkness encompassed me.

In a room, in a house
Not ours
Whose house?
A lone child, in a cold bed.
Are you ok? Are you ok?

Are you ok?
I tried to comfort this child.
She said she didn’t know me.
I turned to you.
Are you ok? Are we ok?
What does this mean?

Yours eyes,
Yours eyes,
They were speaking something to me.

But what?
What were you saying.
Floating backwards again.
What are you saying?!

Darkness encompassed me.
And I was awakened.

yeah…I dream some weird dreams

multiple exposure photograph/textures

Self Portrait

It was a day like every other day.
Looking for value in hidden places.
Ignoring it under my feet.
Like the husband who looks in the refrigerator.
And says “there’s nothing to eat.”
While the feast drowns him.

Sometimes, it takes a wife, to make a man see what is right in front of him.
Sometimes, a man needs a wife, to become whole.
That’s the entirety of it.
Unless of course.
He refuses to open his eyes.
Prideful, his eyelids will be burnt when he welds them shut.
Opening them will be extremely painful. Doable, but painful.

Imperfection dwells in all life.
The greatest deeds we can achieve,
Are to practice patience,
Understanding, kindness.

Tina was wrong.
Love is not a second hand emotion.
It is the most difficult, disciplined action
Any human can practice.

multiple exposure photograph – textures