Don’t Let Me Sleep

Yesterday, I told you “I love you”
How much you’ve brought meaning
Into my life.

As I drew away from your lips
A momentary glitch in time
Spoke in my ear
“We will see, we will see”

Floating backwards
I asked, “what do you mean?”
You simply looked at me.
Having said nothing.

Calling to you
Mouth all agape
No words would come out.
Fighting the backwards movement,
My legs lost all strength.
Darkness encompassed me.

In a room, in a house
Not ours
Whose house?
A lone child, in a cold bed.
Are you ok? Are you ok?

Are you ok?
I tried to comfort this child.
She said she didn’t know me.
I turned to you.
Are you ok? Are we ok?
What does this mean?

Yours eyes,
Yours eyes,
They were speaking something to me.

But what?
What were you saying.
Floating backwards again.
What are you saying?!

Darkness encompassed me.
And I was awakened.

yeah…I dream some weird dreams

multiple exposure photograph/textures

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