Suspicious Goings-On

Ever feel like you’re the person standing still in a hyper fast video?
Everyone and everything around you has accelerated to unsustainable speeds. Nobody stops to just breathe and “be” in the moment. It’s all a blur.
Projection, that’s me.
It’s tax season.
We are looking to sell our home and move to a more rural community.
“Retirement” is just ahead and our whole world will change.
Or will it?
All of these whirlwinds are blowing from all directions. I am resolved to know that our lives will be upended for the next year (at least). It was so much easier to sustain the surprises and setbacks when I was in my thirties. Although, now that I think about it, maybe not.
Not too many things surprise me any more. As always, things will happen, and get done, in due time.
All things in due time.

Keep a sharp lookout for the good things to come.
Oh yeah, and happy new year. (Just a little behind)

Be on the lookout!

Found some enchanting light on the San Diego River, Mission Trails. Black Phoebe feeding among the gnats and midges.


  1. Best of luck on selling and moving to rural. Can’t wait to hear what you think of ‘quieter’ living! Considering I’ve taken that step years ago, but I’m not retired:)

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  2. Personal advice; get out of California like I did. It’s not worth the costs or the various headaches to stay, even in an area as pretty as San Diego can be. Former professional advice; IF you do escape, check real estate laws carefully. California has extensive consumer protections. Tennessee is pretty good too. There are states like Georgia though where sellers are allowed to screw a buyer seven ways to Sunday and laugh all the way to the bank.

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  3. Sounds like you’re in a good state of mind and spirit to weather the tempest. And you have your faith to keep you grounded. Looking forward to the eyewitness report from the eye of the storm.

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