Homes and Houses

A house is not necessarily a home.
Until voices and smells
Crying and laughing
Struggles and discovery
Make it so

(Draft started 3/30/22)
It’s been awhile since I’ve caught up on my WordPress reading/writing.
My wife Robin and I are moving to a new location.
After thirty-two years in the same location.
And, our daughter and her husband will be moving with us. (I know, don’t start a sentence with “and”).

What an utter disruption. All of the legality(s), buying, selling, upgrading, fixing, budgeting, signing, soon-to-be-light-construction is trying its best to kill my creative side. Through it all, I find the decompression of nature to be the finest balm. If I have a camera with me, even better.

When it came time to “stage” the house, I packed my main computer and have been using my laptop. I am grateful to have the laptop. It is very powerful. Old guy that I am, I prefer my PC. A nice big screen, a sure footed mouse, and no battery shenanigans. I wanted to go get it out of storage, but I haven’t been walking in several days and that comes first. After a brief search in the storage facility, I realized it’s behind a mass of boxes and stuff. Motivation won out and the PC is back in business.

I found a nesting hummingbird about a week ago at Mission Trails. I think I’ll go visit her today and forget about the floors, paint, counter tops, tree trimming,1% good faith down payment, caulking, electrical trim, new refrigerator, docu-sign, fix the gutters at the new place stuff (short list).

Update: I’ve returned several times to see the hummingbird and she’s a no-show.

Things will be different in the new location. Less light at night, less noise, fewer crowds. I’ve never lived that way. I’ve always lived near a freeway or main thoroughfare. The hum of the city and all its trappings will be something I go to and not live in. Hope we like it.

I am pretty sure I will not be visiting Mission Trails Regional Park as often as I do.
That story will need to wait. Too much emotion attached.

Photograph – multiple exposures- black phoebe – color manipulations and Polar Coordinates in PSE

The Challenge

We look for them
Everywhere we walk
Everywhere we look
So strong is their pull
The ancients made them goddesses
Controlling our thoughts
Our actions
Not our own

One morning
Waking to the debris
Of imagination
Efforts of epic strength
Strewn about
Like butterflies
Or hummingbirds
Here and gone

No more of this
Worthless endeavor.
A new morning dawns
And we step
Into that path
Of imagination
Once again


Suspicious Goings-On

Ever feel like you’re the person standing still in a hyper fast video?
Everyone and everything around you has accelerated to unsustainable speeds. Nobody stops to just breathe and “be” in the moment. It’s all a blur.
Projection, that’s me.
It’s tax season.
We are looking to sell our home and move to a more rural community.
“Retirement” is just ahead and our whole world will change.
Or will it?
All of these whirlwinds are blowing from all directions. I am resolved to know that our lives will be upended for the next year (at least). It was so much easier to sustain the surprises and setbacks when I was in my thirties. Although, now that I think about it, maybe not.
Not too many things surprise me any more. As always, things will happen, and get done, in due time.
All things in due time.

Keep a sharp lookout for the good things to come.
Oh yeah, and happy new year. (Just a little behind)

Be on the lookout!

Found some enchanting light on the San Diego River, Mission Trails. Black Phoebe feeding among the gnats and midges.

Hidden Revelation

There are things
Hidden from our sight
Too afraid to be seen

Yet must be uncovered
To reveal the truths
Of our wonderful world

Cover photo is a simple static image on the trail. They were caught between the broken bridge and me. I moved out of the way and watched them bound away.

These 2021 4th quarter photographs complete the circle started the previous fall. The bulk of favorites being in-camera multiple exposures.

A simple reflection
Multiple exposures – one frame.
Yes, I do love the moon.
Multiple exposures. This murmuration drifted into the tower and at first I thought it ruined the composition. It’s grown on me.
Multiple exposures. Blur the light behind a mountain, set a long exposure and drag down to emulate the aurora borealis.

2022 is a transformative year for me. I will be putting things in place for retirement from the corporate world for early 2023. Yesterday I was out and about with one of my LensBaby optics. They can be challenging, just what I’m looking for.