Our House is on Fire

A musical response to this piece of art:

Our house is on fire – And the baby’s on the roof –
No one would believe me – But baby, I got proof
The stars keep shinin’ – Don’t mean no thing to me
The sky has folded up and said he’s gonna leave,    

Our house is on fire – And the baby’s on the roof –
No one would believe me – But baby, I got proof
The four winds keep howlin’, tellin’ us the tale
Everyone’s deep pockets, everyone’s for sale

Our house is on fire – And the baby’s on the roof –
No one would believe me – But baby, I got proof
Takin’ what we need, and then a whole lot more
Mother earth’s done waitin’, She’ll be settlin’ that score


©2020 All Copyrights Reserved By The Respective Artists


Standing on the bridge
Leaning over the rail
Like an impetuous child
I found the moon

He was resting
At the bottom of the lake

“Moon! Come out of there!”
“Leave me alone. I’m resting.”
“But Moon, it’s cold and dark down there!
 Let me help you out!”

Diving into the cold
Tree whispered
“Did he not say,
 Leave me alone?”

Her branches
Catapulted me
Onto the bridge

I sat dripping
Poking my head through the railing
I called to moon

“Ok, I get it now
 I’ll leave you alone.
“I hear you!
 Now go away!”

That moon.
So grumpy.

multiple exposures

Not There Yet

I found The Lark Ascending
On the pages of my imagination
She was having a conversation with the moon
Of her struggles to capture the sunset

“It’s warmer there”, she said
With a hopeful lilt to her voice.
Moon chuckled with sentimentality
Its power, washing over Lark

“Why do you laugh Moon?
Am I to be pitied?”
“Oh no! No.
My dearest sweet Lark”

“I have captured the warmth of Sunset
Many, many times.
And each time after tiresome pursuit
Came to learn
That he is not as I dreamed
His warmth, fading and unreliable.

Sunset is vulnerable
Like you, like me.
Seek  him, yes.
Be his friend, yes.
What will you share with Sunset?
Lark? What will you share?”


There was something eluding the finality of the day.
An uneasiness tugging at the back of the brain
It kept me searching for answers
In places where answers had already fled.

Maybe there aren’t any answers
I could stop the questions
And free myself

A hawk flew by
His mate crying out
Completing rituals of eternity 

I pointed my camera
To the distant ridge
And it made a story
Of the everyday

Night’s love affair with day
When for a brief moment
They could bleed together
As one


Driven by hunger
Her pups hidden away
Out of sight

I followed her at a distance
Thinking I was being respectful

But she didn’t care
Joggers and walkers
Came within her comfort zone
But she didn’t care

Driven by hunger
She hunted
With relentless determination

An ear would perk
Turning her body
A slow approach
Zeroing in


Trail's End

Black phoebe alights
Right in front of me
Her usual speed
Slowed down to infinity

Her wings
Completely Spread
A glint of seriousness
In her eyes

She is speaking
Something important
I cannot hear

As I rise the final steps
And turn to the east
I see of what she speaks
The path ending
Into a place called destiny

Where trees and clouds
Speak knowledge
From eons past
And harmony
Has never lost her power