C/2022E3 Stuff

I have a name that is meaningless to most
I am mostly invisible and can only be seen by those who are diligently searching
Once found, I can be disappointing
In order to see me fully you must freeze and perform a tedious, deductive search
To know me fully you must look at me over and over again in the same context
Then process what you see to reveal any detail

My poor wife
I am a comet

Photography can be about self exploration sometimes. This frame was a bit of a cold night effort, +50 frames made to render this mediocre result. It was just too cold for these old bones.

Star Search

Do stars come from chimneys?
Smoke bellowing blue.
Painting the night sky
Brilliant and true.

Ah, the milky way. Hidden in city light and revealed only in the dark night. Most tragically, not a candy bar.

New Neighbors

New Neighbor

Ya can’t take an oriole
And put it in a pigeon-hole

Bathing in a finger bowl
Eating taco casserole

What’s left of their sausage roll
Will end up in a cubby hole

Eaten on a kaiser-roll
A total lack of self-control

Hooded oriole –

Lettuce Give Thanks

Today, it will be 90 degrees Fahrenheit. A few weeks ago, it was cool and rainy. So much for the Southern California spring!
Here are 2 minutes of a rainy scene in our garden:

The garden has changed a lot since then. We have many lettuce plants that are doing well. They will want to bolt if it stays hot for too many days in a row.

The photo is a cropped/stitched image of some breakfast radishes from the garden of last year.

They are sometimes bitter
And grow up too fast
But underneath
They really are sweet
And love to blend in

Sorry for the title!