Sittin’ On A Fence

Sittin’ on a fence
‘Cause I couldn’t decide
Should I travel through the portal
To the other side?

There ain’t much here
‘Cept this fence and me
A coupl-a bushes
A coupl-a trees

And they’re boring!
So boring.
Never talk, nope, they never talk.
They never laugh or sing either!
Just get pushed ’round by the breeze.
That’s all….just sorta hmmmmm
And hmmmmm…or swoosh swoosh swoosh
Like that.

I don’t know why I stay here!
I should just fly through that portal
And find a rEAl AdveTuRe!

That’s what I should do.

But…In the Name of Science!

Our garden is in full bloom and we are harvesting its fruit daily. It truly is a great privilege to have the space to manage this endeavor.

Last week I took some time away from work and started some new video/music projects that will be filling much of my artistic time. The garden is filled with butterflies of the lycaena order and I decided to try and make videos of them. They flutter about with such speed and randomness that it can be daunting to see the order in which they live. But do not be fooled, there is order here.

From a pulled back view, one can see a single butterfly encounter another mid-air. Suddenly, they will perform a ritual “circling”. They will circle each other once or twice then either move on, or continue the dance. I assume the female is sending mating messages to the male (perhaps pheromones).

If the female is agreeable, she will land and perform a rapid flutter, signaling to the male. The male will land and perform a short confirmation of gentle stroking, then join ends with the female. Once fertilized, the female will lay her eggs within the base of a fallen flower.

All of these things were an amazement to my childlike curiosity.

Then I told my wife Robin about what I had learned. She said, “Mark that’s awful! You’re a voyeur!”
Well, I disagree in the classic definition, but it does make one think about how it is that we humans will satisfy our curiosities concerning nature. We document their every move. Eating, mating, relaxing, pooping…whatever happens….just to understand them better. It is unique to the human animal to do this.

I tried to imagine what it would be like if the tables were turned and animals were recording our every move. Thus, the rough sketch of a bear photographing a woman at a dining table.

Here is a peek of my upcoming video/music efforts. It is based on the idea that we all want a peaceful moment, or maybe we just want to fall asleep. The videos will feature in-the-moment white noise and inspired music along with slow motion nature moments.

Enjoy…and peace!

Dream Sequence 1 from Mark Wade on Vimeo.

“A” For Effort

My wife Robin is a library tech at two elementary schools. She takes her job seriously, knows all the books and matches readers to these books with great precision. It is a gift and a labor of love for her.
Recently, while a third grade class was visiting her library and checking out books, a boy asked “do you have the book The Human Body?” Robin contemplated a moment …”yes we have it. You need to ask your teacher if it is appropriate for your reading level”.
The lad inquired his teacher and she answered with an absolute “no”. This transaction did not escape notice of another student in the class. It became evident that the “forbidden” book piqued her interest.
A little later, the lass approached Robin with great confidence and with adult eloquence asked “where do I find the book The Human Body?” After twenty-plus years of dealing with thousands of elementary school-aged children, Robin’s intuition kicked in. She understands that reinforcing a manipulative action should never be rewarded.
Robin looked her square in the eyes. At that point they both knew this little sprite was aware that the teacher said “no” earlier. “Divide and conquer” is a ploy the eight-year-old has likely used very successfully in her short life, and now she was testing yet another adult with it.
“We have the book, but it it is not age appropriate for you”, Robin answered. The little girl’s determination drove the question “why”.
Robin said, “If you read it you may have questions for your parents. I’m not sure your parents are ready to have that conversation with you yet.”
The gears quickly turned in the little girl’s head. “What conversation?”, her tone of voice was turning condescending. “About where babies come from”, Robin chimed.
“Oh, THAT conversation” the eight-year old stated with adult-like arrogance. “I’ve had THAT conversation with them and I KNOW where babies come from.
They come from God!”
“Right. Now go ask your teacher if the book is age appropriate”, Robin motioned to the other side of the room.
And that was that.