Long walks on the beach
Are safe
If you avoid 
Vertical sandstone

Sandstone is unstable
Can fall apart
At any time
And smother you

So much better
To walk on it
After is has weakened
And fallen apart

Tread underfoot
All the little 
Broken pieces
‘Til properly in place

Never mind
The singularity
Of intent or will
N’er a thought to that

All things in its place
The surface smooth
Flat as glass
Flat, perfect glass

Waiting to break
To explode
Revealing the chasm
Under self-exiled steps

Of Mountains and Islands

Strength to strength
Mountain crumbles slowly
Holding fast
Against the torrents
Of one-thousand millennium

Brother had lost all confidence
So many summers ago
Splitting off
In a rage so violent
The chasm too wide to traverse

All life rushes headlong
Into their abyss
Revealing the turbulence
Of a long held grudge

Chained to the wrist
Of its keeper
The other hand
Clenched too tight
With keys of redemption

I have no idea where this came from….but I do know that there are some things that will twist my life unless I remove their power and just set them free.

A Little Rain Must Fall

Older than many I am.
So Cal man.

When I was ten years old
I wrote a poem about a “windy day”.
My teacher was impressed.
She was so beautiful.

So I wrote an entire book of poems.
Mostly about rain and butterflies and such.

We never did marry.

Thought about that today.
It’s raining outside.
And California kids celebrate.
We walk right into it and just get wet.

Thirty-something’s make snarky remarks
When the old man steps into the falling clouds.
Does he have no reasoning?

Pretty good chance I don’t.
Care much about reason.
When a bit of wet.
Can make me ten again.

’67 was a pretty good year