Oh, I suppose it means to uncover something.
Something that was there you just didn’t know it was there.
There is something pleasant about a black bird.
Black bird won’t let you visit unless you come in close.
Close enough to see feather and catch-light eyes.
Eyes are always looking to assign names.
Names help us to tell everyone.
Everyone! Look what I found!

Multiple exposures, multiple layer composite/manipulation impression.
Inspired by a lovely book I recently read a couple of times.

Across the Lake

These laws these laws
Physics and integrated biology

Our bodies
A mass of intelligent proteins
“I will be an arm” says one
“I will be an eye” says another

These laws, these laws
Physics and integrated biology

Discerning the atmospheres
First, our light airy cosmos
Little is the effect of gravity
‘Til water marries us up – it is inescapable

Why must I be a bonded slave
To the one?
Not to move quietly
Through the other.

We close our eyes
Through imagination’s window
We become fully capable
Traversing these laws
And cross to the other side

What will we “see”?

Originally, I started to write an informative photography tutorial entry, but became too bored with the subject. Maybe another time. Apparently, I am too easily distracted.

San Diego Fair Showing

Back in April, I entered six pieces for showing at the the San Diego Fair 2019 Exhibition of Photography. Like how I capitalized that? Makes it a little more legit.

Out of six submissions, three received ” Thank you for submitting your entry for the above division and class. Unfortunately, your entry was not chosen to advance for further judging. Please contact the entry office with any questions.” Three received “Thank you for submitting your entry for the above division and class.  After preliminary judging, your entry was chosen to advance.”  Once a digital representation is accepted for the second tier judging, a physical print is delivered and judged for final acceptance, or rejection.

So, there it is. Of the six, two are exhibited at the fair, both with “honorable mentions”. The vertical piece is titled “Waxwing Clan”, the horizontal piece is “Among Giants”. Both for sale at a very modest $25. I get a lot of grief from other photographers for that price point, but I’d rather have it sold than bring it home.


“Strengthed” a Videopoem

It is all a blur now
Swift memories
Poking holes in my sightline
Clouds escape
Through my skin

Like water seeps
Through shaky fingers
Returning to the sky

To rain once again
As tears
Of joy
Of sorrow
Into the iridescent pool
Of my very existence

Indeed it is our memories that make our lives what they are. They strengthen us and perhaps are not as unique, nor unused as we may think. Video – Photography- Narration – Ambient Music – me ©2019

Award Winning

It’s “funny”
To win an award
To wake the next morning
And everything
Is still the same

Reaching for recognition
Our existence
Our purpose
Our meaning

Standing in this dream
Waves are gentle
Only the godwits stirring
An award, that changes

I did not recently win any awards. Just some thoughts tumbling around my “little gray cells”. Lensbaby

Water’s Hand

It rained again last night
And this morning

Uneventful for many

But in this dry place
Where we have starved
For the love of water

We jump out of sheer joy

Others we know
Far from here
Not too far from here

Have seen too much

Thus it is
And will always be
Water’s hand

A photo of my wife, just below Bridal Falls – Yosemite Valley.
She orders me not to post photographs of her on the web. I don’t think this one counts.