Between a Penny and a Nickel

Love these little ones.
Their weight is about the same as a penny or nickel.
Wings hum at about sixty times a second!
How does that even work?!

Maybe it’s magic, or some sort of unseen juju.
Maybe they’re fairies from long ago.
Or some sort of reincarnated happy energy.
That found its way to find sweets all day.

Just watch it for a second.
Not too many times we get to witness real magic.

(Backyard vid – 4x slomo)


Don’t even get me started.
But today,
Today will be different.

Void of circumstance.
Ignorant of age.
Trite criticisms,
Will fall
Without a sound.

Belongs to me
And a will,
To see what is beautiful.
And become
A part of that dimension.

Inspired by my WP readings. Thank you all.

Daylight Cravings

Five o’clock is really four o’clock.
Here, let me wake you up during the most restful part of your sleep experience.
Like that do ya? Have fun gettin’ used to this again.
Drove to work this morning. Still not sure how I got here.
Am I even awake?

What I feel like on the “daylight savings” fiasco. Can we just stop this?

Bodie California – “Arrested Decay”