All activity had ended.
There were no more murmurations.
Even the swallows and ducks had called it a day.
A sure sign that all was finished.
Even the sun had all but left the building.

There were two exposures already cooking in my camera.
I let the camera rest, strapped to my neck.
Ready to let the shot remain unfinished.
Then out of my periphery…movement beyond the trees.
A six foot giant….or great egret.

He was tired, and he ignored me.
His glide path was sure to bring him into view.
Snatching the camera up to my eye, I focused.
I was using a manual focus Lensbaby, so getting him in the correct plane was imperative.

His glide was so slow that I had enough time.
Focused, metered, placed in the negative space of the composition.
Sometimes these things work.

November’s Ambiance

Summer was squarely bumped
Unusual here in the southland
She was marked cool and wet
And in complete dark, freezing

It was a good month
With cloud and shadow
Displays of light and color

Here in this place of respite
Inspiration moves the hands
Daydreams control the mind

A few photos from November’s meditations. Includes a simple dark adagio.

That Drowsy Feeling

She lilts as sun spins to her other side
Rivers of “blood” move into her heart
Bringing with it a coolness that triggers events

“You again”, she says. “What can I do for you?”
“You know. Just do whatever you do.
No expectations.”

“I like you. You’re easy.”

The music begins and slowly starts the crescendo.
Blackbirds panic in perfect harmonious murmurations
Clouds can’t decide whether or not to stay for the whole show
But we’re ok with that, they always end up contributing
Woodwinds blow through triplet leaves in perfect step
Songbirds strike out in dance, eating gnats and flies
And percussive rustles in hidden shadows offer sweet backup

“Lovely, lovely!” I blurt like an unruly audience member.
Everything stops for a second. She smiles.
Behind the acoustic wall of mountains
Clouds have joined in, dispersing sun’s energetic offerings

Sky on fire, sky on fire!
Reflected glory, blood cells in her heart
It’s all just too much, this orchestra of masses
Organized, seemingly chaotic, symbiotic

Within minutes, the wave returns to its ocean
A brief silence broken only by wind’s persistence
Wind hates to stop the jam.

“How’d we do?” she asks.
“Brilliant, as usual my dear. Thank you.” 
I bow to her.
“See you tomorrow?” she asks.
“Of course.”

Bough No More

Daughter of My Daughter

Watching you by the water’s edge
As you looked for answers
And pondered your reflection

Will I always consider
Life this way?
What will I look like
When I grow old?

Little fish
Swam away
At your Approach
And a touch of sadness
Nicked at your heart

How I wished
I could be that 
Strong bough
Over your head
Over your life

To stop the pains
To shield and defend
At every turn
To obliterate
Any who do not
Respect your gentleness

Not to be
Not to be
If you are to become
A bough of strength
For others