November’s Ambiance

Summer was squarely bumped
Unusual here in the southland
She was marked cool and wet
And in complete dark, freezing

It was a good month
With cloud and shadow
Displays of light and color

Here in this place of respite
Inspiration moves the hands
Daydreams control the mind

A few photos from November’s meditations. Includes a simple dark adagio.


  1. Your photography is breathtaking!!! Really stunning!
    How did the music come about?
    The music was the perfect companion to those gorgeous photos!


  2. Thank you Kat.
    I recorded a few tracks that I thought best represented last month’s experiences while making the pieces in the field. Cool/cold, somewhat dark…pensive. It actually ended up in four movements that did not quite fit…so I recomposed it in the final cut.

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