The moon.
Somethin’ about it.
Drives me crazy.
Looking for it.
Waiting for it.

Much of my photographic work includes the moon in its different phases.
This video depicts some of that work along with Debussy’s Claire de Lune played by Simone Renzi.

The Big Stew

Mud on my shoes
In my blood
Smell the dirt
Forgotten memories
The warmth
Of my mother’s placenta

Rivers surge
Make smooth the hardest of rock
Constant rhythmic pounding
Pushed by a forceful heart
Driven to the sea
The big stew

How foolish
To wake up
For one nano-second
This is a place to visit

I am the mud
I am the river, the rock
A speck
In the big stew

“Hiking Notes”

To Stand In History

The sounds of clamoring birds and coyote.
Trees struggle against the wind.
What little heat that has been absorbed
Flies away, creating an uneasy updraft.

I love this little spot of water.
It used to be a seasonal river.
Utilized by natives and nature’s children.

Progress found it a good site.
For money making.
Sand pits. Dredged by machines.
Concrete mix, trucks and bulldozers.

And when it was time to leave it.
Someone said, “we’ll leave the lake intact”.
Dress it up with liquid amber and oak.

Eventually, it became a reserve.
Where humans are considered the intruder.
Stay on the trails.
Leave the coyote and cougar alone.

I hear those machines.
Like songs from above.
The silent sound of warriors hunting game.
Girls crushing seeds in rock depressions

They speak to me
These spirits of former days
I try my best
To listen

December Walk

In my world
All matter is subject to change
The forest holds the key to stars and distant memories.
Each a soulful energy waiting to be captured
There are no fast rules of physics
Water can be water, or, water can be light, or color
The murmuration of one hundred birds
Becomes the child, restless before sleep.

December’s Solstice

Fall and winter are my most prolific creative seasons for photography. December has not failed me.
To walk in our little wooded areas is like jumping through a time portal. I’m a kid again and everything inspires. Our fall colors are just now ending. There are leaf hangers-on spattered throughout the depth of the wooded areas that grab the falling light. These energy catching leaves will illuminate yellows and orange like stars in the sky. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Clouded evenings make for more available colors to include in multiple exposures. Even reflected artifacts have more punch.
This month’s moon has been very usable for several days and it makes a great addition to impressions on the fly. Until yesterday, my starlings have been all but absent. Their numbers have been down several years now.
I started including starlings in my impressions seven years ago. Back then there were some 1000-2000 birds (or more) that would murmurate. Now, I am lucky to see 30-40 at a time. They fly in with the red- wings….
People have told me they do not do that (multi-species flocking). I would believe their word, except I have seen so many of these starlings up close.
Last evening, a flock of about 300 birds murmurtated for a time and I was able to capture them with the colors of the falling sun and the moon, all on one frame.
Color me happy.
I have been thinking a lot of our little woods and the magic they hold. They do inspire me so much. I feel a little music instrumental comin’ on…soon.

There’s Bears

“Careful when you go in them woods boy.
There’s bears.”
“Will they kill me?”
“They’ll eat you alive”
“Should I run?”
“No, that provokes ’em.”
“Can they climb trees?”
“Can I shoot ’em?”
“No guns.”
“So, why are we doing this?”
“It’ll be fun. You’ll see.”