Daylight Cravings

Five o’clock is really four o’clock.
Here, let me wake you up during the most restful part of your sleep experience.
Like that do ya? Have fun gettin’ used to this again.
Drove to work this morning. Still not sure how I got here.
Am I even awake?

What I feel like on the “daylight savings” fiasco. Can we just stop this?

Bodie California – “Arrested Decay”


    1. Yup. Yeah I am old enough to not care about a lawn any more. I’m “that guy” on the block that dug up the grass, laid down weed cloth, and filled in the yard with rocks. Of course there are a few plants and scaping, but mostly, low maintenance.
      I think that if daylight savings didn’t make me wake up in the middle of my best REM sleep, it wouldn’t bother me so much.

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