Red were those evenings
That year was to be extraordinary
Although, being my first
I had no idea
And to this day
Everything has changed

It was 2009, or maybe 2008. Not sure any more, and it really doesn’t matter. I could position myself north of our little lake and wait for the ducks to fly in. It occurred like clockwork for many days. The sun would have fallen and I would stand in the shadows making multiple exposure dreamscapes with these fast flyers. What a rush.
I have tried many times to recreate that scenario only to wait in total futility.


  1. I couldn’t help but chuckled when reading about your futile attempts to recreate the experience having done that myself. I’ve come to accept that sometimes we’re just given a gift and no amount of begging or cajoling will effect another one. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. It’s awe inspiring.

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