It’s an intestinal thing
Guts telling me what is what
Surveying the landscape
Pairs are everywhere

In the air
On the ground

A single shadow
As tall as a eucalyptus

The dreaded pang
Grips the soul
Without conscience
Or intent
It just is

Perception triggers chemicals
Small voices speak
You are
“You are.”
A most horrible, immutable declaration?

Over the chasm
Balanced on the taught line
My love for being alone
Staying focused, on the line
And becoming lonely,
Falling headlong
Into the chasm

Over the last several years it has become apparent that I have some sort of focusing “disorder”, although fully functional in the work environment. But when my time is my own, I go to multiple expressive outlets for peace and self-understanding. This “syndrome” requires “plate spinning” when it comes to important relationships.
To walk away from these expressive outlets leaves me unfulfilled. But to lose someone I love dearly to these addictions would be a fate worse than death.
So, a wide view and awareness is always required.
Nothing is more valuable than when someone says “I love you” or “let’s do something together”.

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