Water’s Hand

It rained again last night
And this morning

Uneventful for many

But in this dry place
Where we have starved
For the love of water

We jump out of sheer joy

Others we know
Far from here
Not too far from here

Have seen too much

Thus it is
And will always be
Water’s hand

A photo of my wife, just below Bridal Falls – Yosemite Valley.
She orders me not to post photographs of her on the web. I don’t think this one counts.


    1. I agree River, from the pulled back perspective, it is the vein structure of earth…..and our bodies seem to replicate that structure. It is the delivery catalyst for life itself.

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  1. Not to offend but I didn’t even noticed the figure on the bridge until you called attention to her in your post script. It’s amazing how we can be more a part of nature when we choose to be.

    But your theme is well taken, water is the mother of life. When Mom is happy everyone is happy.


    1. Not offended at all….when I made the photo, I braced myself against a pine and handheld the shot for two seconds….
      The intent was just to make a blurred water shot….and she ended up in it.


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