San Diego Fair Showing

Back in April, I entered six pieces for showing at the the San Diego Fair 2019 Exhibition of Photography. Like how I capitalized that? Makes it a little more legit.

Out of six submissions, three received ” Thank you for submitting your entry for the above division and class. Unfortunately, your entry was not chosen to advance for further judging. Please contact the entry office with any questions.” Three received “Thank you for submitting your entry for the above division and class.  After preliminary judging, your entry was chosen to advance.”  Once a digital representation is accepted for the second tier judging, a physical print is delivered and judged for final acceptance, or rejection.

So, there it is. Of the six, two are exhibited at the fair, both with “honorable mentions”. The vertical piece is titled “Waxwing Clan”, the horizontal piece is “Among Giants”. Both for sale at a very modest $25. I get a lot of grief from other photographers for that price point, but I’d rather have it sold than bring it home.

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