Wild Buckwheat

Days are warm and the grasses have faded to brown.
Such is the harbinger for the beautiful buckwheat bush plant.

It covers vast areas of flat fields and hillside chaparral and has proliferated due to the steady rains we received his season. These plants burst open with little pink/white flowers en masse. Their drought resistance empowers them as an environmental mainstay to the typical California climate.

Even more wonderful is how buckwheat support bees. The over-abundance of the flowers ensures busy bees have a good supply of nectar for their hives! The fields light up and bee support are a win/win scenario in my book.

As summer wears on, these flowers will turn a rust red. All stages of the colors make for some dreamy compressed photography.

California buckwheat is edible and was a staple for the indigenous Kumeyaay tribes within this region.

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